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Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Power and Bath

Have you heard about the new Johnson's Baby new Active Fresh technology that promises longer- lasting freshness for longer playtime?

We got wind of this 'revolutionary' system to prolong active kids freshness while engaging in active play. It does sound a little too good for a bath and powder formula so we decide to dig deeper to its claim.
Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Bath
Truth be told, in sunny Singapore, a few minutes of activities under the hot sun can get children sweaty, smelly and unfresh.Active Fresh bath used during regular bath and after play wash up claims to instantly eliminates smelly sweat, leaving it clean and smelling great. With such a claim, we simply could not resist giving it a shot.
Johnson's baby Active Fresh Powder
As for Active Fresh Powder, it enables longer play by actively fighting body order, through sweat absorption and prevention of odor- causing bacteria to breed. What's more it claims to release a long lasting freshness through its sweat-activated fragrance that release a fresh burst of fragrance upon contact with sweat. As for the scent, it will be a fruity berry, powdery musk scent with a dash of fresh apples and a touch of pear.That means the more a child sweats, the fresher he/she sweat. Given its claims, I would try these products on the boys. It may just encourage them to be outdoor more often.
Johnson's baby Active Fresh products

Talking about outdoor play, take a look at the following experiment. Maybe it is time to take your child out for some active fun!

Johnson Baby Active Fresh Bath and Powder are now available at major supermarkets and pharmacies in various sizes.

TWD were provided a unit for review

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