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The Polliwogs @ Suntec City : Review

Fans of The Polliwogs take note.

There is a spanking new The Polliwogs by the much love indoor playground franchise in Singapore. The Polliwogs opens its doors at Suntec City and we are all ready to roam the grounds for a review.

The Wackies @ The Polliwogs Suntec
The Wacky Duo are no stranger with indoor playgrounds. It is said wherever there is a new indoor playground in town, you would most likely find the notorious pair of brothers giving it a spin.
Don't believe?

Check out the latest playgrounds in town that we reviewed for 2014. The new indoor playgrounds open in Singapore for this year had been thoroughly tested by us, The Polliwogs @ Suntec City is the latest on the list. This is the 2nd Polliwogs to open its doors in 2014. The last one was opened early this year at Vivocity.

The Entrance
Shoe and Locker Storage area
Don't be fooled by appearance. The entrance may look deceiving small with a shoe and locker storage area at the side, but The Polliwogs @ Suntec City is the largest indoor playground for the franchise.

The Main Play Area
The size perception changes as we proceed inwards this elongated set up. The main play area has not one but three separate areas of play for children of different age group. For children age 3 and up , there will be 2 zones of playground structures to explore, ensuring that there will be abundance of space. For children under 3, there is a purposely build toddler area. As a bonus a new laser zone is added in the mix.

For those familiar with The Polliwogs play structure, the 2 level playground will have several familiar obstacles along with some new play ideas. The floor area would probably be one of the biggest amongst The Polliwogs chain. However due to height restriction, it may be a challenge for an adult to follow the children around. There are more than one occasion where I had to crawl on my fours just to keep up with the boys.
Nonetheless , from a first hand experience, the areas are pretty well padded. Given that the boys are of age, I decide to leave them to their own devices and gave the license to roam.

If you have been to the other polliwogs, you would probably be familiar with the infamous ball pit. Step into the zone and be ready to get blasted by kids manning their menacing cannon guns that shoot foam balls in rapid succession.


This is a new entertainment for kids. If you like movies such as Mission Impossible, you would probably find this a delight. It was entertaining to see the boys trying to make their way around the lasers without getting 'hit' ala Tom Cruise. We think this is a great addition. However to play, it would cost $3 for a single run or $5 for a pair of runs.

Pssss.. We think it should be included in the fee given that one time is probably not enough for kids and this could rack up the cost of play. #makeitfree

Toddlers area (For children under 3)

For children under 3
For parents with younger children, it has always been a challenge going to indoor playgrounds. This is especially so when the play area for children under 3 is limited in size and features. Thankfully , The Polliwogs under 3 area is house near the entrance.The play area is build for more active movements as opposed to static activities. This enclose area has lighted slides, curvy slides, mini play structure area and several other play items that would surely entertain the little ones.

Unfortunately it may also entice the older children, so it may be prudent to educate the children on which area they are allowed to play. Maybe it should be made compulsory for parents to read the rules of play to the little ones before allowing their little ones to roam free without supervision.
Read the rules , so everyone can have a good time

As for parents who wants to stay close to the action and keep a watchful eye, the layout of the playground does allow that . For parents with younger children below 3, you might like to seat up front. For those with older children, choosing a seat near the back is perfect for close surveillance if needed.

For the hungry parents (and kids ) , there is a decent menu featuring starters, mains, sides and dessert. Not too shabby for an indoor playground.
Enjoy your meal and Drink
Indoor playgrounds are fast becoming a popular place to host birthdays and parties. The Polliwogs has one huge room that can be partition to suit parties of various sizes.
Party area
You might even bump into Rocky, one of the mascots of The Polliwogs.
Rocky R Us
For mummies , there is a cozy changing/ nursing room on site.
Nursing room
But unfortunately here are no toilets in the playground. So do your business before you enter the playground. Thankfully there is a place to wash up after a meal or a run.
Wash area
Compared to the other branches , you could sense that The Polliwogs are constantly improving with layouts and new features. From our experiences, The Polliwogs chain has always been well like by active children and this would not be an exception. Coupled with the fact that they are well maintain, it will be one of the place we will zoom in should the boys need an 'exercise' break.

Entrance fee
The Polliwogs
3 Temasek Blvd, Tower 4
#02-724 Suntec City Mall
(Park at Red Zone and head towards the escalator via Giant, look for McDonald's on the 2nd Floor, The Polliwogs is opposite it)

Admission charges

Weekdays (Unlimited) 
Children Below 2 : $13 
Children 2-12 : $20

Weekends inclusive of public and school holidays (2 hours) 
Children Below 2 :$ 13 
Children 2 - 12 : $25Additional playtime : $5 (30 mins)Drop off avaliable for children 4-12 at extra $15

Value play pass for 7 visits Children below 2 : $65Children 2 -12 $125More information at The Polliwogs website


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The Good Folks of The Polliwogs had generously provided us a total of 10 passes to giveaway to our readers. We will be giving 5 sets of 2 passes each to 5 readers. 

Simply do the following to qualify
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Terms and Conditions
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  • Open to residents of Singapore with a valid Singapore address (no PO BOX)
  • Only 1 winner per household
  • Winners are to respond to the sponsor with Name, NRIC and Handphone number by 6 Oct, else prize will be forfeited. Details will be given to winners.
  • Each pass is valid for one child only
  • Each child can be accompanied by 2 adults (Free)
  • Passes must be presented upon entry at Suntec City branch only
  • Pass can be used and day of the week ( Playtime will be as the prevailing entry rates. Eg If the pass is used on regular weekday, it will be unlimited play. But if used on weekend, public holiday or gazetted school holiday, play time is limited to 2 hours
  • Socks are complusory at all times within the premises (at your own cost)
  • Cannot be exchanged for cash, credit or kind
  • Passes Valid till 14th Nov
TWD was invited to the event for review


  1. looks fun! my girl's preschool is going there to celebrate Children's Day. thanks for the sneak peek on what to expect!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. done !!!!!!! hope to win & bring my LOL go :D

  3. Ai, the preschool sure know how to choose a children day activity. I am sure Lil Pumpkin would love it :)

  4. Hope can win a set for my kids :)

  5. Liked and shared. have not been to suntec polliwogs. hope to win it for my 2 jays to bring there during their bday (1 in sept, 1 in oct) :)

  6. All done. Hope to win this to bring my 2 kids who love indoor playground. :)

  7. Like & Shared All done! My children loves to Play Indoor Playground at East Coast Polliwogs. They enjoy Jumping and running around. Never been to Suntec Branch, Hope to win a set for them to enjoy again. Loves to see their laughter :)

  8. Have done all 4 steps!!
    Hope to get the free passes as they will come in handy to help defray the cost of bringing my kids for the 1st time.

  9. Hopes to win wonderful playground for my sons

  10. Do not go to Suntec City Polliwogs!
    Once you go inside, cannot come out without your child, not even for a while. If go out with your child, can only go out for toilet break, if go for lunch break, you cannot go back in. You cannot eat or bring outside food. What type of rules are these? The staffs there also not very good. The floor is too smooth, easy to fall down. Item there as old and dirty


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