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SG50 Activities : Celebrating Singapore 50th Birthday

SG 50

Singapore will be having a big birthday bash to celebrate 50 years of independence in 2015!

Recently we had our first foray in National Day Parade. It was an event to remember. With patriotic fervour running through our system, we could not wait to see what in in store for next year's milestone event. Thus when we were invited to preview SG50 roadshow, it was a trip we had to make to Toa Payoh hub.
Celebrate our Dreams
We had experienced during the NDP celebration , that celebrating the birthday of the nation is a Singaporean affair. No matter your race, religion or even political affiliation, this is a day everyone will pay homage to the place we call HOME.

The roadshow is a simplistic affair meant to kickstart the celebration. Here you will see a sneak preview of some initiatives and events plan for the year ahead.
Make a wish
To start your celebration, leave a wish for Singapore. Some are sweet while others hilarious. From what we saw, despite the numerous wishes, a universal message emerge.

Let's make Singapore a better place for all.

It dawns on me that we as Singaporeans feel a real need to be heard,, to be acknowledge and to be love as sons and daughters on this little red dot. On the surface , collectively we may seem like a complaining lot, but scratch beneath the surface and you will see a different breed. The people who complain are the ones that really cares.

Messages from Singaporeans

Back to SG 50, there are some interesting initiatives for 2015.

Let's Makan
Let's Makan

Since a true blue Singaporean is a foodie, Let's Maken recognized that is a community initiative aimed at promoting graciousness and neighborliness by bonding over local food. Interested individuals will be equipped with event starter kits containing information on food suggestions, games and activities to lead and orgainise potluck sessions featuring home cooked food for a small group of neighbors.

If it takes off, it will bring back the Kampong Spirit that is missed in recent times.

Care & Share @ SG50

Care & Share@SG50

Another noteworthy initiative is The Care & Share@SG50. This is a national fund-raising and volunteerism movement lead by Community Chest. Donate, volunteer, participate or help . Do your part in helping our fellow Singaporeans in need.



Do you know that 2015 SEA Games will be held in Singapore?

It will be held from June 5-16. This 12 day fiesta is a perfect introduction to our new Sports hub. Given our penchant for new experiences. This is one event we look forward to as part of SG50 celebrations.

The boys could not resist a pose with Nila during the roadshow. Nila is the mascot for 2015 SEA Games and she will make a public appearance at the roadshow.

The Roadshow

The roadshow itself has some pockets of activities for children.
Pick one

There is the MAMA shop that gives you a chance to pick an item for FREE, if you liked SG50 Facebook.
Like SG50
You could also play traditional games such as pick up sticks or 5 stones.

If you like traditional games, you would like our introduction to old school games and toys.

The wave of nostalgia seems to represent a missing part of us in recent times. Could it be that we are yearning for a little bit of the past where things are simpler and life less worrisome?
Pick up stick
Back to more children activites.

There are colouring activites where you can complete and exchange for gifts. The roadshow is just the beginning of SG 50. If you are within the vicinity, do pop in to see what is in store for Singapore in 2015. It might just kickstart the mood to the big celebration next year

The next roadshow will be at Northpoint Shopping Centre (Basement 1) this weekend from 27-28 Sep.
SG 50 is just a start of the next lap in nation building. We have come a long way since independence , to be a place where many choose to call HOME. Let the nation start to move as one from henceforth.

Looking forward to SG50 celebrations!

TWD was invited to the event for review


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