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Home Entertainment System with Pioneer

Pioneer Home Entertainment System

Ask any man on the street and you would most like come across most who has a hidden desire to create Man's Den.

I used to have one, when I was in the University, staying in my own dormitory. It's a small space, but it is filled with gadgets such as a computer, a 14-inch television and a stereo sound system. In Singapore limited space landscape, this limited 'home entertainment system', squeeze into a tiny 4m by 2m room, was a luxury for a varsity kid.

Almost 2 decades later, I had hoped to create a similar space at home. Unfortunately with 2 little boys, this hope for a personal space has long been abolished. Whatever space we have had been occupied by the boys' toys spewed all over. There is no Man's Den, but there is the Family Den.

So when the opportunity came to make the Family Den a little more like the ideal Man's Den, I knew I just have to take it. I may not make space my own, but kudos to Pioneer, I get to build the ideal home entertainment system of my dreams.

Pioneer VSX 924 K
Our home entertainment system by Pioneer consist of the following system
  • VSX 924k AV Reciever
  • BDP 170 Blu Ray Player
  • S 11 Speaker system
  • S 51W Active Subwoofer
Ask any Hifi enthusiast, the first thing to building a good home entertainment system would be the core. The core, in this case, would refer to the AV receiver that will link up all the other systems such as TV, Cable, Blu Ray to create a one-stop Entertainment Unit.

The new Pioneer AV receiver VSX 924K does it efficiently while throwing in a few other bells and whistles to the set up. The VSX-924 connects to almost anything: it supports AirPlay, MHL, HTC Connect & DLNA audio networking. In English, it means your IOS and Android devices can be used with your receiver. It also plays multi-channel 96 kHz/24-bit FLAC and WAV files via USB and DLNA. With 7 HDMI inputs, there should be sufficient connections to hook up your hardware to it.

Ops, hope I did not lose you there...

Set up itself is a breeze with the AV Navigator builds in the receiver. However, since I am a Tech Geek, the connections to my existing system were done manually. Once the wiring is done, it is recommended you calibrate the AV receiver via the Multi-Channel Acoustic Calibration Room EQ for optimal sound.
Setting up
The AV 924 is a feature pack unit. With 4K upscaling at 60 Hz, it promises to up the ante on your existing system to create a gorgeous visual output that is 4 times better than 1080p... If you have a 4K ready TV panel to compliment it. It is also 3D ready for 3D TV.

There is wireless connectivity for this unit via a separate add-on Wifi Adapter (included in the retail set). Alternatively, you can connect to your network via the LAN cable. Otherwise, iPhone/iPod connectivity can be made on the front panel. With this connectivity, you could utilize the Airplay function of your Apple products to stream the iTunes music library through the AV receiver. Control over the music library can be made via the remote control.
Airplay with Pioneer
With a Wifi connection, you could also control the AV Receiver via the iControlAV5 app on your IOS or Android tablets. In addition, it provides direct access to Spotify Connect and Internet Radio.

Pioneer S11 speakers with S51W Subwoofer
A good receiver is only as good as the speaker system that you use. For our set up, the S11 speakers provide the much desired 5.1 channel sound with its 2 front speakers, 2 surround speakers and center speaker set up. The S51W sub-woofer with its deep bass give the whole system its oomph. You can consider a 7.2 speaker set up as the VSX 924K supports this set up.

A top of the line TV can only do so much visually. More often the sound from the TV lacks punch. A good home entertainment system will bring TV viewing to life with its 3D sound produced from the system. The boys were as impressed as I am when they heard the surround effects from the system.

 Compliment the setup with the entry-level BDP 170 Blu Ray Player and you are good to go for a fantastic movie experience. BDP 170 may be basic but it includes features such as YouTube and Miracast. It is wireless-ready, thus eliminating the need for a dongle. The Youtube channel is a great source of videos for kids. On the other hand, Miracast works will mirror your Android phone/tablets, giving you another dimension for entertainment.

Home Entertainment System by Pioneer
With this setup, you can easily enjoy the movie experience from the cable networks such as Starhub or Mio TV. However, for the ultimate Movie night experience, we recommend a Blu Ray for its visual clarity and theatre-like sound.

A powered zone 2 audio output also allows you to watch a movie in one room and listen to music in another. However, I must add wiring should be done pre-renovation to avoid messy cables from one room to the next.
Star Wars on Pioneer

So much for the major tech speak. If the above jargon sound French to you, let me sum it up in one sentence.

This Home Entertainment System rocks the house!

As for the first Home Cinema experience  that the boys will enjoy, it will be a movie marathon. We had chosen The 6 Episodes of Star Wars , The Complete Saga.

Now where is the popcorn?
Movie Night with Pioneer!
TWD was provided a unit for review


  1. HI, please assist. Recently bought this system and I'm having a problem only the two front speakers and the two subs produce sound. The rest of the speakers are not producing any sound.

    1. Hi there, it is best to go to Pioneer to check. We only only the unit for review and not technical experts.


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