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Kidsstop @ Singapore Science Center

Kidstop@Science Center

 Want to go to a playground that allows preschoolers to lower primary school children to play and learn at the same time?

If the answer is yes, Kidsstop will be the place to head to!

Kidsstop map
Kidsstop has opened its doors since June 2014. We had heard so much about the place that it warrants a visit. This 3000 square meters edutainment center housed within the Omini Theatre promises an enriching experience with up to 24 stations for play and exploration.
Kidsstop has a unique system that allocates fix play sessions from 3 hours during weekdays and 4 hours during weekend. It's a lot of stations to cover within the allocated time of play , so away we go!
Health check
Before we start , we have a healthcheck at the entrance. It is good that they do a through check as there could be as much as 300 people roaming the grounds per play session.

The play area is divided into 4 main areas. They are the Imagine Zone, the Dream Zone, the Discover Zone and the Experience Zone.

We started with the imagine zone, where the young ones are encouraged to be left to their own devices and explore their creativity.

Build Enviroment
The first station that entice the boys would be the Build Environment. This station focus on several aspects of construction. The number of children each station is limited, ensuring that no overcrowding occur and every child gets his/her own share of fun.
UFO catcher
From a gigantic 'UFO Catcher ' to making gears work, it entice the little engineers into action.
Let's move the gears!
The boys also get to explore what it is like in a construction site.

Hi Emmet!
Being familiar with Emmet from Lego Movie, they could not wait to have a go at play pretending to be their favourite Lego Character.
That is heavy!

Right next to the Build Environment - Crane is the Block site. Here you will find padded blocks of various shapes and sizes for you to create that skyscraper.

Dino Pit
Away from the urban jungle, the boys head next to the Dino Pit. Here they will be archeologists attempting to find their first tyrannosaurus remains.

The supermarket
Make believe play continues at the Supermarket, where there is a wellstock supermarket for children to mimick their parents shopping.

There is an interactive screen that provides information on where food comes from. This is a great way to combine play and education.
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In most stations, there is a staff manning the station. They are there to ensure that the children have a good time. We think their presence help in preventing chaos. They also do regular clean up, ensuring the next child will enjoy the playtime in a safe environment. 

In stations like the supermarket and the cafe , it is a necessity to keep hints in order so play can be fun. We give the thumbs up to the staff for doing a great job !
Food galore
The boys had fun scanning the food at the check out.
Check out
The Cafe
With so much food, what do you do with them?
The obvious answer is found right next to the Supermarket. You prepare the food for The Cafe!

The Discover zone is next to satisfy little curious mind. 

4 seasons
Discover the hidden secrets of Four Season through interactive displays.

Smaller World
Or a step into the Smaller World to discover the joy of gardening.

Flight & Space
For the future pilots , take a ride in a cocit and experience what it is like to be a Pilot in flight..

Future pilots

There are many interactive stations that let the little ones experiment with flight.
Time to fly

Let the little ones build their own flying structure to 'fly' in a wind tube.
Wind tube
Alternatively jump on a pad and see how far the space shuttle will travel as a result of your action.
Jump jump
Step into out space and explore the solar system in the Space corner
Space Corner
Human Body
For future Doctors, the Human Body is a must do station.
Be a doctor
There is a human dummy waiting for the little one to operate on. It is a little eerie but the boys seem to fancy doing an operation or two.
Perhaps the making of future Doctors? Yes ? No?
How high can you jump?
There is a jumping station to see how high you can jump. Seems like Big C has some potential here.

You may say I am a dreamer , but I am not the only one

The dream zone takes the child imagaination to another level. Float between the real and surreal for a dreamy experience. 

The Dream Catcher

The Big Dream Climber is unlike any indoor playground structure we had seen and trust us, we have seen a lot. It is a very challenging structure to climb .... For adults, especially those oversize ones like your truly. 

Do note that socks are needed for the climb. 

Music Zone
Thankfully I made the climb and reach the summit with the boys. We were duly rewarded with the entrance to a secret room filled with musical stations and a trampoline.
Music station

Giant J
If climbing the Big Dream climber is hard, doing the next activity will be an enormous challenge. Its time for us to do the Big J.

The Big J is a slide for children age 5 and up. Adults are sometimes allowed on this slide. Big C was brave enough to try a drop from 4 meters. Not wanting to be outdone by my boy, I volunteered for a drop at the highest point - 7 meters.
Away we go!

At seven meters, you are handing in mid air. There is no back support and the view from above adds to the nerves. Letting go is not an easy task and you simply pray there is some support. For a child, if he / she can conquer 5 meters , they will have achieve greatness. I have witness grown men who chicken out a jump at that level! 

Check out the videos of Big C at 3 meters and Mommy J at 6 meters

Small world
For the little ones who could not make the slide at Big J, the Small World right next to it is perfect for some G rated playtime.

Virtual pond
Don't miss the virtual pond experience too. 

By now, you would most likely cover up all the inner section. However there are more exhibits ahead near the entrance to the omnitheatre. 

More exhibits ahead

The last zone will be the Experience Zone. This is where you get to interact with plants and animals and interact with them in a safe Environment. 

Before you head off to be inner belly of Kidsstop, do take a peek at the binoculars located at the main area to spot a few resident 'creatures'.
Move into the inner section of Kidsstop and you will come face to face with toads, crickets and chicks. The selection here is not as expansive as the one we remembered from the Science center.

Kiddie Theatre
Located right next to Critters is the Kiddie Theatre
Here the little ones can experience what it is like in a studio.
Future 'Anthony Chen '
Youu can choose to be either in the control directing a 'movie' or be the star of the movie.

There are green screen effect where kids can pretend to fly, fight the sharks or take part in an F1 race.
F1 race
Kids can also learn how to make their own stop motion video .
Stop motion video

Shapes with beans
Right next door is the Maths room where kids could learn about shapes through interactive beans play. 

Speed demon
The tinkering room is an interesting room. There is a tricycle with square wheels in the room and it moves! 

This just goes to show that impossible things can be made possible we a little tinkering.
Tricycle with square wheels.

Innovation lab by Lego education
There are workshops by LEGO Education at the innovation lab. The workshops cost are not included in the admission fee. There is also a kitchen lab for workshops, but it was close while we were there. 

The party room
Kidsstop has a party room for you to host birthday parties. For more information, do refer here for rates.

Kids Shop
Do make a stopover at the Kids shop to pick up a souvenier after the session at Kidsstop. The kids would love the mini Ferris wheel located on site. Unfortunately it was not running while we were there.
Ferris Wheel
Kidsstop is meant to be an edutainment center, I am sure the boys would have mistaken it for a very LARGE indoor playground. 

Personally , I do like the space and the variety of activities for the little ones to explore. With a staff at most stations to oversee the play activities, the kids will not be overwhelm. Rather, it makes a pleasant environment to learn and play. Kidsstop target audience are little children age 4-8 and I think they hit the mark with the mix of activities stations on site. Older kids might find it a tad kiddish while younger children might find the play stations limited. But if you are within the age limit, you would love it.
As for the time required to spend, we suggest you fully utilize the time allocated. Trust us, it will be well spent!
Kidsstop is a hit.
The fees and opening hours are as follow. Socks are required for certain stations. Washrooms and nursing rooms are located within Kidsstop.

21 Jurong Town Hall
Singapore 609433

TWD were invited to the event for review

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