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Newbie Guide to AV Reciever

If you had read about our Home Entertainment System with Pioneer , you would have probably remembered the Pioneer VSX 924K Av Receiver. 

This receiver is the core of the system. Without it, you probably would not be able to set up a decent home entertainment system.
Confuse about AV receiver?
Honestly, while many may have seen an AV receiver, not all would know what benefits it brings to home entertainment. It would not be surprising to see one hooking up a stereo system to the TV and deem it as a Home Entertainment System. In addition, with the wide array of receivers in the market, making a choice on one would be daunting for those new to creating a home cinema, To clear any doubts, we decided to compile this list to what makes a good AV receiver.

Disclaimer :
This list is made for those new to Home Entertainment System. It is made under the guidance of a layman and not a technical expert. Our aim is too uncomplicated a complicated device.

What makes a Good Receiver?

An AV Receiver is not your ordinary sound system. A soundbar or a Hifi might seem like great ( and cheaper ) alternatives to hook up your TV. However, when compared to AV receiver the sound quality differs. An AV Receiver paired with entry-level speakers will most likely out-sound the alternatives in the market. Thus the main reason for their continued existences in the face of 'competitors'.
VSX 924k
The strength of an AV receiver is the connectivity. With the advancement in technology, AV receivers bought a decade ago would be obsolete. Today, most devices uses HDMI connections. Thus the number of HDMI inputs and output would make or break an AV Receiver.

Some say 3 HDMI is sufficient. However, if you have Starhub, Mio TV, Xbox, PlayStation, Tablets and Blu Ray player, you would probably need at least 6 HDMI inputs. Thankfully the VSX 924 K has 7 HDMI inputs to address this need. In addition, connectivity can be established with dedicated sound inputs, component videos input and output.
HDMI , the more the merrier
3.1, 5.1, 5.2 or 7.2
Set your speakers up
The advantage of the an AV Reciever over an all-in-one sound system is the speaker set up. Here you can determine the configuration you like. You can choose the common 5.1 channel set up ( 2 front, 2 back, 1 center, 1 Subwoofer ) or add more speakers to the system to create a surreal surround setting at 7.1. The VSX 924 K is capable this setup , bring life from the screen to your TV room.

LAN connectivity is found in the newer AV receivers. This allows connection to your existing network. This is great for firmware updates as well as Internet Radio if your AV Receiver allows it. Nowadays connectivity to handheld devices such as IOS or Android devices is preferred. Some AV receivers provide such connection via Bluetooth or wireless connection. These are either build in or required a dongle for connection. These are not must-have, but given one's penchant for connectivity, it is good to have.

The VSX 924 K is Bluetooth and Wireless ready. It required a dongle for set up. Alternatively, it provides direct connection via USB. There are USB port for Airplay compatibility with Apple Devices and MHL USB for Android devices. This will add a new dimension to entertainment especially if your music library is stored in these devices.
Apple devices direct control
4 k passes through in VSX 924 K
For a true audiophile experience, the devices should connect directly to the AV receiver. This goes for cable boxes as well. This will ensure sound quality is not reduced. In addition, with features like 4K up-scaling in The VSX 924K, you can now view gorgeous images if you have a 4K TV. Nonetheless, upscaling video outputs also ensure you have crisp images from non HD inputs.
However in reality, you might not need all the boom from the sound system.

There are some models that require you to switch on the AV Receiver to watch TV and there are those that provide the pass-through feature. With pass-through features in the VSX 924K, you can now simply switch on the TV and enjoy the show; even though it is connected to the AV Receiver. If you have more than one cable box, you can control the input selection via the remote as well. Pass through is a great feature as there will be times you would prefer a quieter environment to watch the show. Plus it does help with the electricity bills.

iControl AV via Blue-ray player
Pioneer offers the iControl AV to let you control the AV receiver via IOS or Android. If your wireless network is up, you can use this to control the settings on the AV. This can be fun vs the remote control due to its visual impact and use.
Multi-room feature

Some AV Receivers provide multi-room setup. This means you can listen to music in one room while watching TV in another via the same receiver. This feature is great if you get your system before you renovate the house. Otherwise, wiring can be a little messy here.
Time for a movie
So will these features convince you to get an AV Receiver ?
For a self proclaim techie Dad, these are precisely the reasons why I love my Pioneer VSX 924K .

Sometimes even grown up need their toys.
Pioneer VSX 924K now retails for Sgd 899 at selected electronic stores.

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