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5 reasons to kidproof your walls with Dulux Wash and Wear

Oh no, scribbles on the wall!

Hands up if you had experience similar little accidents happening in the house.It is no surprise that the majority of us will have similar experiences of kids doodling on the walls, spilling milk or maybe even kicking a muddy ball against the wall. The end result, a stain that is difficult to remove and in some cases even ruin the paintwork.

5 Reasons to Kid proof your walls
Other than the obvious heartache you would experience when a wall gets ruin , here are 5 good reasons why you should kidproof your walls.
1) It saves cost
A ruin wall may result in re painting. Repainting a room can easily cost $500 upwards. Imagine doing this every 3 months.

2) No one would enjoy scolding their own kid
You saw your kid scribbling on the walls with a crayon. You started screaming. However once you see the innocent large puppy eyes, your heart melts. You resign to the wall's fate with a sigh.

3) Your rooms will not turn into an art studio
You saw a mark on the wall and decided to let it go as cleaning will damage the wall. The little ones take it as a sign of consent. The next day , the room began to transform to an art studio.

4) There is no need to stick to plain boring white or go all black to 'protect' the walls
White is easy to clean as stains are not so obvious. Black hides most marks on the wall. However you limit yourself in terms of Colours and the end result is a rather dull black or white wall. It's time to unleash your creativity with kidproof walls.

5) Happy parents =Happpy Kids = Happy Family
If one could salvage the situation without any harm done, no anger will be invoked. Happy parents with clean walls will usually result in a Happy family.

Being a Dad, I constantly look for ways to kidproof the house. This includes protecting the paintwork on the wall from these little monsters accidents. The boys are into arts and craft and occasionally they might extend their creativity to the walls. You might be able to remove it on painted walls, but more often than not, it comes with a permanent stain. The problem is made worse with wallpaper 'art' as crayons and pens will leave it no mercy with a mark that stays.

Thus when I heard about Dulux Wash and Wear from the Dulux workshop, it piqued my interest. Who could argue against a paint that enhance the colour of the room and protects it too?

By now you would probably know that we would be having a paintover in the kids' room. We had shown you how to choose a colour scheme and what colours stands for. Now it is time to choose the paint to complete the job
Time to learn to be a savvy shopper!

The most impressive thing I witness from the Dulux Workshop is the demonstration of Dulux Wash and Wear Kidproof Technology. With the use of coke, Dulux demonstrated the difference between Dulux Wash and Wear and a normal paint.

Our first impression was wow....
Just check out the video to witness it for yourself.

There are more things that can stain the walls than one can imagine. The following are the common household stains. From the list, you can deduce that anything in the hands of a kid is a potential hazard on the wall. That said, it is better safe than sorry. If we can find a product that can be kid-proof, we would pounce on it in a heartbeat.

The good news is that Dulux Wash and Wear fits the bill perfectly.
It's kidproof technology resists and repels most liquid stains. Liquid stains can be easily remove with a wet cloth and detergent. Most liquids form beads on the surface for a quick wipe away. As for stains from chalks and highlighters, Dulux Wash and Wear has a unique protective film that delays stain penetration. If you discover the damage early, there is a high chance the paintings on the walls will be safe with a few good wipes.
In addition, colourguard technology ensures Colours looking fresh longer. Additional benefits includes low odour and certified as an environmentally friendly paint.

They said seeing in believing, so check out the following video to see how Dulux Wash and Wear can do for you.

Granted that puppy eyes would probably make you forget your little kid's mistakes but it will not remove the stains from the wall. Dulux Wash and Wear with Kidproof Technology will do just that!

Image Source : Dulux
Protecting one's wall from kids should not be limited to the children's room. Accidents do happen in most parts of the house. From Playroom, to dining room, to living room and even the kitchen. Be a savvy shopper today. Choose Dulux Wash and Wear for a peace of mind.
The Good news is that there is a wide range of colours for you to choose from. By how you probably would be aware that we might be using Yellow for our room paintover. From the Dulux Inspiration 2015 colour catalogue, we think that Bright Sun might just be the colour choice.
To find a colour that suits you, order a catalogue today!For more information on Dulux Wash and Wear and the range of colours,visit
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Inspired to repaint your walls to protect them for the long run?

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