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Junior Claus : Merry Review & Happy Giveaway


Christmas is just round the corner!

It may be November but Christmas spirit is in the air. The Orchard Road Christmas light up , the Christmas trees popping up in malls, the start of the search for the Christmas presents are all little reminders that Christmas is near .

To soak up the atmosphere, we began November with a musical from The Little Company, Junior Claus. After being wow by The Cat in The Hat and The Nightingale, we had high expectations with Junior Claus. Would this festive production light up our Christmas spirit?

A wonderful tale revolving around the heart of Christmas, Santa's Workshop in Christmas town. It tells the story of believing in the magic of Christmas. With dialogue and lyrics by Christopher Dimond and music by Michael Kooman, Junior Claus will bring Christmas magic back to life!

Benjamin Chow, Candice de Rozario, Seong Hui Xuan, Dwayne Tan, Cheryl Tan and Timothy Wan in TLC's Junior Claus (2014) Photo Credit : SRT
The star of the show, the rebellious Junior Claus (Dwayne Tan) loses his belief in Christmas 2 days before Christmas Day and ran away from home. This sets a chain reaction as the Belief-o-Meter drops to critical level that resulted in Santa (Benjamin Chow) falling into a deep sleep. This sets the stage for the greedy elf Grumpo (Timonthy Wan ) to take over the workshop. Grumpo's aim is to cancel Christmas and ruin the season forever.
Junior Claus ( Dwayne Tan) and Pengy (Cheryl Tan) : Picture Credit SRT

Wit the aid of Junior Claus friends , Pengy ( Cheryl Tan) the penguin,Chipper (Seong Hui Xuan) the elf and Mrs Clause ( Candice de Rozario) , Will Junior Claus return in time to save the Christmas Day ?
Junior Claus (Dwayne Tan) and Santa ( Benjamin Chow) Photo Credit SRT

Against a colourful backdrop of Santa's workshop, together with the chilling North Pole. Junior Claus travels all the way to Singapore with Dasher (Benjamin Chow) and his trusted friend , Clipper to find someone to believe and raise the Belief-o-meter to wake Santa and save Christmas!

The Little Company did a wonderful job in bringing the spirit of Christmas on stage. Armed with delightful tunes and a story with a surprise local element, this production is a must watch for families wishing to be immerse in the Christmas Spirit. It is recommended for children above 5 but Little Lou,who is 4,stay fixated and memorized during the show. Even the skeptical Big C, who recently declared that Santa is not real, loved the show.
Chipper (Seong Hui Xuan) , Junior Claus (Dawayne Tan) , Dasher (Benjamin Chow) : Photo Credit SRT

Especially noteworthy are the chemistry between Junior Claus and Chipper. Together they sizzle on stage and hints of a future Santa and Mrs Claus in the making. Grumpy who we last met as The Lord Protector in the Nightingale puts in a stellar performance as the resident bad elf.

This holiday production is filled with a wonderful cast, beautiful sets, awesome special effects all wrap around in a Christmassy Spirit. This is one musical that will raise the Belief-O- Meter of Christmas amongst the little ones ( and adults too!)

Once again The Little Company exceeds our expectations. It's official, we are now bona-fide fans of TLC. It's world class musicals for kids are hidden gems waiting to be discovered !

Junior Claus
31st Oct to 14 Dec
DBS Arts Center - Home of SRT
Tickets from $35 to $42
Get your tickets here
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In the spirit of Christmas, The Good folks of Singapore Repertory Theatre (SRT) will be providing one set of family tickets ( for 4) worth $153 for the show on 15th November 230pm

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Giveaway closes on 09112014 2359, results out on this post on 10112014

Terms and Conditions Apply
Terms and Conditions
  • All steps to be completed as indicated to qualify
  • Open to residents of Singapore with a valid Singapore address
  • Only one winner per household
  • Prize are subject to change by the sponsor. Winners are not allowed to change the prizes or exchange them for cash.Tickets are valid only for 15 Nov 230pm
  • Thewackyduo.com is not liable for the prizes given
  • Selected readers will be contacted directly via email in Rafflecopter. Readers are expected to respond by 11 Nov. Failure to do so will lead to a forfeit
  • Winners of past giveaways in the last one month will not qualify for this giveaway.
  • Prizes are to be self-collected on actual day of performance. No delivery option is available for this giveaway

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