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5 reasons for a Home Entertainment System

If you have been following us, you would probably have read about our Pioneer sound system setup and the guide to an AV Receiver.

However, it may not be easy to convince the other half that having a good sound system is good for the family. So here are 5 good reasons to help you along as to why you should invest in a good sound system

1) You can't hear the kids shouting and screaming
Finally, a sound system that can mute the kid's excessive noises. #justkiddinglah
Turn up the volume and you would probably be immersed the wonderful sound system. Any other sound would be drowned, kids screaming inclusive. We recommend a good AV Receiver such as the Pioneer VSX 924k. Team up with the S11 speaker's system under the Pioneer persona package for maximum soundproofing. Trust us, the sound from a normal TV would not be sufficient for an immersive experience.

2) Save money on expensive movie tickets and popcorn
A day out in the movie can cost as much as $100 per family including incidentals such as popcorn, drinks, movie tickets, parking, meals out, etc. For a tent of the price, you can rent a movie and have huge bags of chips to munch. It is a good deal I will say.. Plus, you really don't have to spend too much because there are budget home theater systems like the ones on this page that can save you a lot of money.

3) Kids would be wow by the sound
I have turned up the volume when we were watching Star Wars on the Pioneer BDP 170 Blu Ray. Thanks to the amazing sound from thess11 speakers and the awesome bass from the S51 Active Subwoofer, the kids were totally engrossed.

Now sing with me.... DaDaDa Da.Da.Da

4) Turn your non so clever TV into a smart one

The BDP 170 Pioneer BLU Ray player not only plays excellent 3D Blu Ray movies, it also has Youtube app build in. This means you can effectively turn your old TV into a Smart one. There is no need to buy addition gadgets like Apple TV or Android boxes to get YouTube videos anymore. The not so clever TV has been upgraded to a smart one with the Pioneer Blu Ray Player.

5) Great excuse for a family day in
Pop in a Blu Ray Movie, grab packets of chips, sit in all sorts of positions and laugh as loud as you want. There will not be anyone to judge you in the comfort of your own home when it comes to enjoying a good movie. Just savour the moment spend as a family all lazing around and enjoying a show together.

That itself will make the sound system a good investment for the family.

The Pioneer entertainment unit is provided by Pionner for review and personal use. 
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