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RWS Hard Rock Hotel Staycation

Our holidays kicked off with a Staycation in Hard Rock Hotel.Having experience Festive Hotel and Equarius Hotel in RWS, it is time to expand our RWS repertoire with a stay at Hard Rock Hotel.
The Lobby

Check in time is at 3 pm. From what we had seen in our past visits to RWS, coming in early does not guarantee you at room. We were at the counter at about 3.30pm and manged to get in our room at about 4pm.There are seats scattered around the lobby if you need to wait for your turn.

The check in process is relatively fuss free. For those driving in, there is complimentary parking . You get one exit coupon for every day you stay. As for those who intend to visit Vivocity, complimentary tickets to Vivocity is included too.

After checking in, it is time to head to the rooms. The Wackies were impressed with the shiny 'wall' of the lift.

Shiny happy wackies... Good way to start a Staycation

Since this is Hard Rock Hotel, rock memorabilia can be found at corners of the hotel. We spotted pictures of Kiss, Elvis and rock items from U2, Eminem and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. You might like to take a stop on every floor to see the complete memorabilia Hard Rock Hotel has in stall.

The Room
After a mini tour, we arrived at our rock suite room... A standard room with two supersize single bed. If you are traveling in a group of 4 , 2 adults and 2 kids, this room is perfect. There is even a smaller single size pull out bed for an additional person.. For the record, the supersize single beds can be combine to form a huge rock star bed that sleeps four comfortably (unless you are supersize).

The room comes with a writing desk, a flatscreen tv and a cosy corner.If you happen to have the older iPads and iPhones , you can connect them to the sound system there. With the onset of newer gadgets, Hard Rock Hotel should consider upgrading it.
If you are looking for WiFi, it is available , but it is not free. It did not bother us much as there are plenty of things to do around the resort.

There is a corner for making tea and coffee. Drinking water is complimentary. There are no minibar in the room, but it did come with a fridge.

The bathroom is rather spacious with a separate cubicle and shower facilities. The rock star feel is enchance with the lighted makeup mirror and the guitar shape container for amenities.

There are 2 views you can choose . The Vivocity view or the pool view. The pool view will cost extra. Frankly we were out most of the time to admire the view, so we are neutral to the choices. Nonetheless the Vivocity view is awesome especially at night with all the glittering lights. Definitely some rock star points for the view.

It did take a while to peel the boys out of the room. I changed into the super comfy ( but small) slippers provided. Unlike most bath slippers we encountered in other hotels, this one looks decent enough to be worn out of the room. It is waterproof too, making it great slip ons for the pool.

For kids, there is a kids club for them.

However it is relatively empty most of the time as the kids are mostly found in the pool. This beach pool needs no introduction. With one side filled with sand and the other for 'normal' swimming, it is a kids haven.

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For adults who wants a little work out. The rock gym is free to use for hotel guest.

The good thing about Hard Rock Hotel is the chill factor. You can chill in the room, chill at the pool, chill at the lobby lounge while a band plays. You can even take a little chill with you win a visit to the Rock shop.

And if chilling within the hotel is not enough, head outside to the numerous attractions found in RWS.

Universal Studios , Trick Eye Museum, SEA Aquarium and Adventure Cove are but a brisk walk from the hotel. For the record, we visited USS for this Staycation. This time round the boys got to do more rides (Including the awesome Transformer ride) as they are taller and meet the rides requirements.

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After a hard day of fun, it's time to fill our hunger pangs.

You could choose the hotel restaurant Starz for a meal. Otherwise simply walk out to RWS main area and there will be plenty of restaurants for you to choose.

As for us, we wanted to complete the Hard Rock Hotel experience with a meal at Hard Rock Cafe. The legendary 9 oz Burger is yummy!
For kids, there are meals at just $10 that comes with drinks, a real value for money.

It was a short 3 days 2 nights stay for us.

We like how you can get the vacation feel even when you are still in Singapore. For the price of air tickets to a similar overseas resort, you probably can get a room over at Hard Rock Hotel for the weekend. For that we think staycations in Singapore is a must do for the holidays.

Checking out is a breeze especially if have already paid for the package. Simply drop your cards at the express check out box provided and it is back to reality!

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