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Top 10 Playground rules .... for Parents!

If you have been following us for a while, you would probably notice the Wackies love their playtime especially at Indoor Playgrounds throughout Singapore. Most of the time, the boys have their share of fun in the playgrounds. However there are occasions when accidents do happen.

Normally in most playgrounds, there are in house rules to adhere to. Let me tell you a secret, no one really reads them! As parents, the last thing we want is to have something bad happen to our child during the course of play.So being a concern citizen, I decided a list of playground rules would be useful as a guide for everyone to having a good time at the playground. The rules are directed to the parents rather than the child. After all the parent is THE one responsible for the child's action and not vice versa. Don't flip this page parents , do take a minute to read the 'rules'.

Rule 1 : Don't allow a child to play if he/she is unwell
Yes , they love their playtime. But seriously if they are unwell, let them rest at home. They may not know they need the rest, but you should know better.

Rule 2 : Keep a watchful eye on your child
You love to sit down , take a break, sip your tea and read your iPads . That does not mean you can let your child loose. Keep a watchful eye if the child is young, they may not handle the obstacles well. Keep an eagle eye on the boisterous ones, they may look 'independent' and can 'take care' of themselves, but they might be a tad too rough for the milder ones.

Rule 3 : Allow a child to play in age appropriate area
But he is 4, still young, can use the toddler play area. Well actually he cannot. Especially if he towers over the 'still on all fours' one year old child.

Rule 4 : Don't need to follow a child through the play area
Really you need not follow your child around, if they are above 4. They can play on their own safety. That said, it is unwise to leave your 1 year old alone at the toddler area. In any case , running after your child in the playground can really be challenging. I know, I have done it.

Rule 5 : Do not play on the equipment
Yes, you love the slides, you love to rock the bridge, but please, these are made for 12 and below. You are not 12 , you are multiples of 12.

Rule 6 : Give your helper a break
If you need a break, your helper probably needs one too. If the children are older, having a helper in the play area would break Rule 4. If the children are toddlers, why not consider taking this opportunity to play with them?

Rule 7: Do teach the concept of sharing and taking turns
Yes , as responsible parents, we all do that. But there are times we may overlook it. So it is good if we re- enforce the message every once in a while.

Rule 8 : Do not keep a blind eye to misbehaviour
It's ok lah, kids always fight... Er no, not if they fight with other kids and not if other kids fight with yours . You would not like it, other parents would frown on it too. So do discipline when necessary.

Rule 9 : Do not hog seats
Chasing a child round the playground can be tough work, but your bags do not need a chair to rest, you do. So be kind and generous and leave those unused seats to those in need.

Rule 10 : Do remember you are in a public playground
Yep, you are not home. So home rules do not apply in public. Do change your child in appropriate areas, control your child when necessary and keep a watchful eye over them. What you do at home stays at home, however what you do in public can be 'Stomp' and go viral.

Nobody likes rules, but given the diversity of human nature, it is a necessity. We love to have fun and as long as everyone do that part, we will have fun!

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