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Skooter Anzo : Skoot for fun!

The Wackies are avid scooter fans. 

They have their own scooters and would use them to get to our favourite Teochew porridge joint. As they scoot, the Missus and I would take our stroll. While some may think this is romantic, there are times I wish I could join the boys in their ride. The stroll can be quite a distance and age is catching up. There are times I was tempted to hop on their scooters but my 75 kg frame may be a tad too heavy for the kid's size scooters.

Thankfully Skooter Singapore offered their Skooter Anzo for use and review. To top it off, this is no ordinary scooter but an electric scooter. Compared to the Wackies scooters, this is a BIG notch up. Finally, I can take my eyes off the boy's scooter and indulge in one of my own.


Electric Powered

For the uninitiated , electric scooter is a relatively new innovation that found its way to the shores of Singapore. Fitted with a motor on a scooter platform, it has fast increase popularity as a portable transporter over a short distance.

The Skooter Anzo is equipped with a 250W Direct Drive Motor on the rear wheel. Capable of 2 speeds, Slow and Fast, the speed can be toggled via a lever on the right. Depending on your weight , slow can be up to 10 km/h. Slow speed is good for beginners and probably quite pedestrian-friendly. It is at a speed similar to how you would ride the scooter manually.

The thrill would come when Fast is set. With speeds up to 30km/h , it can be an exhilarating ride. At this speed, it is best you find a clear road ahead of you. Don't forget to wear protective gear if you intend to test the Skooter Anzo to the limit.

Unlike manual kick scooter where you use your 'leg power' to stop, the Skooter Anzo has a brake on the right. The brake works great on cruising speed.

For someone who had yet to scoot in his life, riding on the Skooter Anzo is relatively easy. Within minutes of the trial, I am already engaging the Fast mode on it

Build To Last

The Skooter Anzo is made of aluminium die-casting with surface blasting spray technology. This creates a strong surface that is resistant to fading, wear and corrosion. Rustproof and weatherproof, this 13.5 kg machine could be used in most weather condition.

It comes equipped with 8 inch Hard Rubber tyres coupled with high-quality suspension that gives you a smooth ride. It has a built-in torch also allows you to ride at night too.

Charging the Skooter for a ride is easy, simply charge the Skooter through a connector at the size. the 36V 7.8 AH Lithium battery ensures optimized charging and protection from overcharging.

The Skooter Anzo is also portable. With foldable handles and an easy one-step folding function, this well-designed feature makes it a breeze to operate.

Carry the Skooter Anzo or trolley it around. It is relatively fuss-free to bring it around with you. The Skooter Anzo allows a mileage of up to 35 km on a single charge. With the combination of public transport and Skooter Anzo, you could bring yourself to the most corner of Singapore at one go.

By now you will be asking yourself. Why should I get the Skooter Anzo?
  • Good design and portability
  • Sturdy
  • Ability to travel a long distance on it
  • Affordable price at $890
And the best bit. It is a fun ride!

Don't take my word for it, head down to 3 Lorong 6 Realty Park Singapore 536817 for a ride.
Contact 91731107 or email for details.

For more information on the Skooter, head down to

Ps: Christmas is just around the corner. If you are thinking about what to get for your hubby or your spouse. This may be it!

TWD was provided a unit for review

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