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The Inspirer : Inspire with Dulux Makoever

A new colour, a new experience, a new inspiration.

Over the course of the past month, we had embarked on a journey to create our own inspiration via a Dulux room transformation. We had learned about the meaning colours , trained to be a savvy shopper and finally enjoyed the fruits of our labour...a brand new colour that literally lit up our room and our lives.
The colour we choose is known Blazing Star. The bright colour brings a sunny disposition in the room and along it a brilliant ray of inspiration. Yellow is a cheery colour and it was chosen to bring smiles to the boys. So it's GOODBYE to the dark and gloomy wallpaper and temporary art gallery, say HELLO to Blazing Star!


To recap , the journey began with an invitation to ' Inspired to Inspire' . One of our room will be give a chance for renewal and to transform into a dream room. Given that I had always wanted to redo The Wackies' room due to a design 'mistake', I decided to forge ahead once Little Lou and Big C gave the green light.

Watch the video to see our journey into this transformation. ( Video not avaliable on iPhone/iPad, you could see the video via this link)


1 Pre-Paint
Before the start of the painting session, there is a site inspection. During the site inspection, we received professional advice from a Dulux professional painting contractor. The colours were also decided during the site inspection.

On the day of reckoning, the Dulux team arrived as scheduled. If efficiency is a team, it would be in the form of painters from Dulux. For those wondering what goes on during a paint over, we will give you a sneak peek of what to expect.

2 Moving

Before any painting start, the Dulux team will prepare the room for the paint session. Since we are already 'staying' in the room, there were tons of bits and pieces to move. Thankfully the Dulux crew got the job done in a jiffy and with utmost care assured. Before you can even say 'Dulux , a new colour, a new experience', the room is cleared and ready for the next step.

Tip : Do some packing before the crew arrives. It is better to pack up the little items than to wait for the team to move them. This will save you the hassle of looking for it after the painting session, especially if you have a huge chunk of stuff to clear. If you have little children, do ensure that they are kept away from the work site for safety reasons.
The Wackies had to be ban from their room for the day. That did not stop them from borrowing caps from the Dulux team for a pose. After all they are a part of the team!
Sorry Boys, you are ban from the room for the day!
3 Protecting

After clearing the next step is protection. Seeing how efficiently it was done by the Dulux team, you could tell that the team is experience. Every edge was covered masking tape to prevent paint residue and every corner protected with plastic. The floor was also covered with plastic and it proved as good as cardboard alternatives. The plus side was that it is easily disposed at the end of the session.

Tip : Let the Dulux team do their job. The pros will know where protection is needed. If you do have concerns, do share with the team before they start the work.

With all things cleared, we had a last glimpse of the Wallpaper before it was removed. There were no fond farewells as we are glad to see it go. Not one tinge of regret here!

4 Prepping

After protecting, the Dulux Team will prep the walls for painting. In our case, there is a wallpaper to be removed (Removal of Wallpapers do cost extra). It was skillfully removed and the walls are scrape clean before primer is applied as an undercoat for the paint. Oil base primer would be use if you have wallpaper. For most cases, the odorless water base primer would be use instead.

Safety glasses, caps and gloves are worn during this process.

5 Painting

Once the walls are ready, it is time to paint. Surprisingly painting takes up only one third of the whole process. The other one third is on prepping and the last one third is for waiting for the paint to dry in order to apply another layer!

As mentioned early, the colour we had chosen was Blazing Sta, a yellow hue.

Yellow was chosen as it is a cheery colour. In addition, it represents optimism and it is said to be the colour of mind and intellect.
Given that I want my boys to be happy , full of energy and street smart, it is the right colour choice for their room.

The paint chosen was from the Wash & Wear series. Wash and wear is equipped with new kidproof technology that effectively repels tough stain. A perfect choice for a children playroom! The best part, there is a one year warranty for paint defects (Terms and conditions apply)

Tip : Use Dulux Wash and Wear for painting kids room. It's kidproof technology against tough stains is ideal for families with kids. More details of kidproof technology can be found here.

THE TRANSFORMATIONBy the end of the day the Dulux Team will assist in moving the furniture back into its proper space. So without further ado, we present to you

The Wackies Arcade Wall
It started off with a brand new colour , the Blazing Star, to light up the room. We painted it on one side of the wall and had intended to make this the feature wall. The rest of the walls are painted in Sail White to highlight the yellow of the Blazing Star.

We were inspired to create a new art piece on the wall itself. From what we had learn during our inspiration workshop with Dulux, black is the perfect colour to use against a yellow background. That will be the main focus of our wall.

Tip : Do let the paint 'dry' for at least 2 weeks to 1 month before 'pasting' anything on the wall. Paints need time to bond with the wall, otherwise it may affect the paint job.

With a little help from the Wackies, the transformation evolved. As both boys loves arcade games, they were inspired by the Atari Space Invaders to create an arcade theme feature wall. They may not had assisted in the painting process due to safety issues, but they are determined to put their personal touch on the wall.

Tip : Get the kids to be involved in the makeover of their own room. That way , they will appreciate their own effort and love their room!
The colour theme is carefully curated from the Dulux colour Wheel. We decided to use Triadic scheme as a guide for the room. The main base will be yellow with red and blue hues to compliment it.

After careful position of the decals by the Wackies, the transformation is completed. We nickname our arcade inspired feature wall the

INVASION of the Space Invaders.

Get ready for an invasion !

The walls are enhanced with decals. The use of decals will ensure that the room will never be dated as it can be replace to 'grow' with the children. The most important is the yellow base by Dulux paint. We love the vibrant feel from the yellow hue whenever we step into the room!The fresh coat of paint compliments our existing furnishings so there is no need for additional accessories. Best of all, it made the room look a whole lot livelier and cheerier!

The colour transformation by Dulux is a success. The Wackies love their room!
To check out how the Dulux bloggers transform their room, follow their journey here
Dulux Colours Used
Walls : Dulux Wash and Wear (Blazing Star and Sail white)Ceiling : Dulux Mould Guard
See the full transformation below

Before and After pictures


Feeling inspired ?
Dulux is having a promotion for their painting packages. From now to 15th Feb, take up a Dulux Painting package and save more than $550. Call 6265 0677 to make an appointment.
As a bonus to our readers, simply quote WD550 during your booking and enjoy another $30 off the package price.

For more information, do head down to Dulux Singapore webpage.Other sources of inspiration can be found here
For a peek at how our room transformed, here are the links to our previous challenges
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A special thanks to Dulux for awarding us the Title 'The Colourist' in the first challenge. We are extremely proud of the title!

Stay tune, we have another surprise for our readers on 8th Dec!

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