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Squalet Toilet Step Stool Giveaway

I had a request to review a health product recently. When I found out it was related to passing motion, I was a little hesitant.

It was not the usual request we get. Somehow the notion of motion is a little awkward. It was not until I was convinced that this product might actually aid in potty training that I decided to give it a shot at reviewing it.
The product in question is the the Sqaulet Toilet Step Stool. If you had grown up in the 70s or 80s (like yours truly), you will probably remember the time when it is common to find squat toilets especially in HDB flats where I grew up in. It has been scientifically proven that squatting will provide the best posture for passing motion. Squatting increases abdominal pressure, protection of appendix and small intestine, release of bend in Sigmoid a Colon and most importantly straighten the final pathway.
In layman terms, squatting makes passing motion easier, faster and more complete.
Source : http://www.toilet-related-ailments.com/squatting.html

If you like to find out more about the benefits, do take a read here
Let it go!
Nowadays, toilets in most houses are fitted with toilet seats. On first look , it may be more 'gracious' sitting on the 'throne', but we do know it will probably hurt the colon in the future.

From the sponsor's note
The Squalet Toilet Step Stool is a stool that helps lift your legs to the right position for a smoother elimination experience. It eases and prevents constipation and hemorrhoids or piles. This is because the squatting position achieved through the Squalet Step Stool opens up the colon to its fullest, as compared to its half-opened state in our normal sitting position. Long term straining due a half-open colon causes wear and tear that is bound to causes problems like constipation, hemorrhoids and other colon diseases in the long run.

Given the benefits of using a Squalet Toilet Step Stool, it is a no brainer that it had become a permanent fixture in the bathroom. Passing motion need not be a strenuous affair with the use of the Squalet Toilet Step Stool.

One thing I note , the Squalet toilet seat is great for kids as well. With the seat, potty training will be easier as it will eliminate dangling legs and create a right posture for doing business in the loo. With a proper posture, kids will find the transition from diapers to potty easier. Learning the right posture from way will eliminate the wear and tear of the colon in the longer run.
The Squalet Toilet Step Stool measure 47 X 32 x 21 cm. It is easily tucked under the toilet seat discretly. To use it, simply position the stool to allow your legs to be in a squatted position when seated. Once you are in the right position, bombs away!

Retails at $39.90 (usual price $60) from Squalet.com

Wacky Giveaway

The good guys at Squalet.com would like to assist you on solving your motion woes with a giveaway. There will be one unit to be given for 3 readers each.
Do the following to qualify
1) Share this facebook picture post
2) Quote 'I want to Squat' on the same post to qualify
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Contest closes 10th Jan, results will be out on this post on 12th Jan

Terms and conditions applies
  • All steps to be completed as indicated to qualify
  • Only open to The Wacky Duo facebook fans
  • Ensure your likes and shares is set to public for us to verify, otherwise you will be disqualified.
  • Open to residents of Singapore with a valid Singapore address
  • Only one winner per household
  • Prize are subject to change and fulfillment by the sponsor. Winners are not allowed to change the prizes or exchange them for cash.
  • Winners of past giveaways in the last one month will not qualify for this giveaway.
  • Thewackyduo.com is not liable for the prizes indicated in the event of default by the sponsors.
  • Selected readers will be contacted directly via email provided in Rafflecopter by the sponsor
  • Winners of past giveaways in the last one month will not qualify for this giveaway.
  • Winners are to self collect the item at
354 Alexandra Road
#01-05 Alexis
Singapore 159948

TWD received a unit for review purpose. 


  1. Hilarious caption for the sharing post. LOL!

  2. This review is so true! I want to Squat!! Hope to win the Squalet Toilet Step Stool for my son who is gg to be 3yrs soon, to help him lessen the chance of having Rectal Prolapse again :/

    With love and thanks from: Jeslyn

  3. Really works for me!

  4. Kids look like they are having fun! I'm buying these for them soon


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