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'A Night of Magic at Raffles': A Fiery Treat with Joe Labero

 The magic show of the year!

That was our conclusion after we attended the opening night of 'A Night of Magic' at Raffles. Sure it is still early days in 2015, but this is one magic show that will be hard to top. Set in the majestic Raffles Hotel, Joe Labero put up a spectacular show that captivated and mesmerized the full house audience from the first act.

We are no strangers to Joe Labero, having seen his magical act at INCANTO. While the settings of Jubilee Hall does not have the imposing stature of RWS Festive Grand Theatre, the fiery performances of award winner Joe Labero and the cirucs act Burnt Out Punks are just as majestic.

From Joe Labero witty jokes and over the top antics to the Burnt Out Punks fiery performance, this is one magic show that has HOT written all over it .

Our hats off to Joe. The Wackies had been interested in the secrets of Magic ever since they watched 'Breaking the Magician Code' . During the show, the boys were trying to figure out the illusions that was conjured.... truth be told , I was doing the same thing.

The fresh acts that follow baffles them AND me. Walking through a person, a disappearing act in a tiny origami box and the linking of 3 complete strangers rings from the audience LIVE and in full view of everyone are simply astonishing! I had seen magic acts before and this show is well executed and performed. Like a magician who do not reveal their tricks, we shall not divulge the show's full content. Magic is best experience 'LIVE'. As they say seeing is believing!

A magic show would be made better with a great crowd. As Joe stated during the opening night, this was the 'best Friday crowd he had this week!'. His wit shone throughout the show. Younger audience may not understand his interactions with the crowd, but the opening night crowd laden with celebrities lapped up his banter and charm. Some of them were even chosen to be part of the act , adding a star studded feel to the night. The interactions between Joe and the audience was an absolute delight , making it an intimate performance ala Las Vegas Style.

Burnt Out Punks @ A Night of Raffles
The Burnt Out Punks featuring 'The Animal' and the red hot Elin are a great supporting act. From Animal's fiery performance with fire and Elin amazing acrobatic skills, this duo lit up the stage with 'Magic Master' Joe Labero's jaw dropping acts. The boys were so entertained that they had wished they were part of the act.
Joe Labero and TWD
Perhaps one of these days The Wacky Duo will find a chance to perform on stage with Joe Labero. For that evening they were contended with taking a photo with him.

To cap off a magical night, the boys got souvenirs in the form of a magic flying card and autographs from the magical cast. A good haul for a great night.

For the record, Meet and Greet tickets are also available for sale at sistic.

Thanks to Krall Entertainment and PR Communication for a fantastic evening!

A Night of Magic at Raffles

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16 January to 22 February 2015
Jubilee Hall , Raffles Hotel

Weekdays - 730pm
Saturdays- 3pm, 730pm
Sunday -3 pm

VIP Rerserve (Meet and Greet)- Adults $230 Children $215
Standard - Adults $125 Children $60
Restricted Views - Adults $75 Children $50

The Wacky Duo and family were invited to the show for a media review. 

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