Bell Pool Villa Resort Phuket : Presidential Pool Villa Review

The Bell Phuket
Trying to find accommodation in Phuket for 8 can be a feat.

During our December School Holidays, we decided to have a getaway in Phuket. As we are going on the trip with our extended family, our main criteria for accommodation must be one that will fit all of us in one location.

Other than that, since we had a bad experience in Bali with burglary using independent operators, we are quite particular about security. In addition, we want a place with a private pool for the family to enjoy. Lastly a centralized location will be perfect, but we are willing to consider a place no further than a 30 minutes drive to Patong.

Given our must haves, it is quite a task finding the 'right' place to fit the bill. Phuket may be famed for resort living , but when it comes to a villa fitting a family of 8 , the choices are limited. After exhausting our search in Patong, we move further and chance upon Bell Pool Villa Resort.
Room 15
Since I occasionally dabble into reviews, I do trust the word of mouth. Thus with positive reviews on Tripadvisor, we decided that this will be our home for a week. Granted the chance for an extended holiday is hard to come by, we decided to splurge on the 4 bedroom Presidential Private Pool Villa.
The Bell Phuket
Located in Kamala, we reached oasis in just 40 minutes away from the airport. Transportation can be arranged prior to arrival and depending on promotions , you might get a complimentary hotel transfer.
The pool
Our check-in was done in the villa. The minute the door opened, we were wow. The place looked as good as it did on their website. It felt like we have step into a piece of paradise.

The pool looked inviting and it is touted as one of the biggest villa pool in Phuket. We were told regardless of the room configuration from 2 bedroom to 4 bedrooms, the pool comes in the same.

Absolutely divine I say.
View of Bell Pool villa Phuket
A welcome drink and a lei of flowers was presented for each upon check in. For guests of the resort , a complimentary handphone was provided for you to have a direct access to the butler. This is useful especially when you are out of the resort and in need emergency assistance.

Enough of the introduction, let us take you on a mini tour around the Presidential Private Pool Villa.

The Living Room
The Living Room
The living room has a decent couch that sits 4 to 5 adults. It may be a little small when you considered to the number of occupants. However during our stay , we did not find it cramp. There is a 32 inch tv together with Apple TV provided. The Apple TV comes with a selection of paid movies for guest to enjoy.

An open concept dining and kitchen area accompanied the living room. The dining table sits 8. If you need more space, there is an outdoor table by the pool that sits 6.
Living room
The kitchen comes with cooking stove, fridge, coffee making machine and microwave. There are sufficient pots and pans for a chef to whip up a storm if necessary.
Well stock kitchen
Master Bedroom
Master bedroom
The Presidential villa comes with 2 Master Bedroom and 2 other bedroom with twin single size bed each. It fits a party of 8 adults comfortably. The rooms does not come with individual TVs. To be honest , we had initially thought it may be an issue, however we were all in la la land every evening and did not even notice the absence of TV in the room.
The high ceiling main Master Bedroom face directly to the pool. It comes with a separate shower and bath tub facilities. It's clean and well kept for the fussy travellers.

The 2 other bedrooms are identical in setup. Two plush single size beds size by side with a writing desk on one side. The modern resort feel is a key feature of the villa.
Each bedrooms comes with their own shower and bathroom, giving privacy to all the residents of the villa.

The other Master Bathroom comes in a separate mini house detached from the main building.
Spot the Master Bathroom
If you are traveling with 2 families, this setup is ideal as it still give the families privacy even when we are staying in the same compound.
The key feature of this room is at the bathtub is located within the bedroom itself I must say it makes a perfect setting for newly weds.
Master Bedroom 2
There is a generous use of the Bell as democrative features in the villa itself. It is a gentle reminder that you are staying at the Bell and it gives the room a distinct identity. Kids will remember the Bell, so I do anticipate conversations like ' remember the last time we stayed in the hotel with the Bell'.
The Bell
The rooms are nice, but the best feature of the villa would be the 8.5 by 4 meters pool.
The pool comes with 2 large floating beds that adults can laze on. Set in such a lush setting , it will surely bring smiles to the kids.
The land of smiles
It was not long before the boys jumped into the pool.
Dive into the pool
The depth of the pool ranges from one meter to 1.8 meters on the deeper end. Thus is is not advisable to leave the children alone in the pool. Then after who could resist joing them for a fun time at the pool ?
Add caption
As a word of cautious , the steps for the pool are made of rough material which can be a tad dangerous for kids. Big C got a cut on his leg after brushing across the steps. Thankfully the resort staff came with a first aid kit almost immediately to remedy it.

If you do not wish to jump into the pool, there are beach benches located at the side of the pool. In house massages are also available should you decide to get the ultimate relaxation therapy without stepping out of the villa.
Obviously massages were he last thing on the minds of the boys.
Ready to shoot
They were making so much noise that it attracted the attention of Max. Instead of a frown, we were greeted with a welcoming smile. He even offered to jump into the pool to join in the fun.
That just mean one thing- great service from the staff of Bell!
Max from Bell
After a swim, it's time to take a shower at the outdoor shower.
Outdoor shower
It is a well known fact that summing will make one hungry.In room dining with a mix of Thai and western cuisines can be found from the menu.
Dine by the pool or dine indoors, the choice is yours.
Outdoor dining
You can also choose to opt for villa breakfast as part of the package.We highly recommend it as the next nearest option for food is a good 20 minutes away on foot.
Hearty breakfast
Breakfast menu is provided each day. You can choose from western or local dishes. Breakfasts selection can be varied to give you different choices on a daily basis.
In villa breakfast
For other meals , you can opt to dine at the in resort restaurant , Zhong.
The resort check in is also located at Zhong.
Dining at Zhong
While we were there , we were also invited to a complimentary party with a welcome drink at Zhong . It was a nice touch to allow guest and staff to mingle.
Did I mention Bells are found in almost every corner of the resort?
As stated earlier, the nearest restaurants are a good 20 minutes walk. However there are bicycles available for you to cycle out for a meal. There are decent restaurants serving local and western fare near the main road opposite Phuketsea.

There were occasions where we cycled out to buy food. A decent meal for 8 may cost upwards of SG $300 in the villa while good food are found outside the resort for a third of the cost.
Bicycles for guest
The resort also provides daily transfers to Kamala and Patong beach via its in house Tuks Tuks and Cars. We did rent the resort Toyota Forester to explore Phuket Town and the surroundings.

It was pricely, but at least we have a Personalised tour going to the places we fancy. Minibuses from outside the resort are also available for rent. Ghe resort will assist to call for transportation and any negotiations will be done between you and the driver. It may a be a less safer option, but we did took one transfer to the airport and it was not an issue for us.
Transportation options in Bell
A ride on the Tuk Tuks from Patong cost between 500-600 THB. However do bring along a card as there are Tuk Tuk drivers that may not find the way to this resort. Our first evening Tuk Tuk ride from Patong ended in us going round in circles in Kamala before we made our way back to the villa from Patong .
The Bell
The Bell is located at Kamala at

41/21 Moo 5 , Baan Hua Khuan Soi Bell Kamala 83510, Thailand

We do suggest early booking as you can get generous discounts compared to the rack rates.

It was a gorgeous resort to stay in. Save for the secluded location, it was almost perfect. Then again, if you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of Patong and Phuket, the Bell will be a santuary, especially one dedicated to the enjoyment of larger groups and families.

For this, it gets our thumbs up!

Ciao Bella.

Ambiance : 4.5 stars*
Service. : 4.5 stars
Facilities. : 4 stars
Location. : 3 stars
Overall. : 4 stars
Price. : $$$

* Out of 5 stars

This is not a sponsored post.

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