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KidsFest 2015 : Erth's Dinosaur Zoo


Dinosaurs on stage?

With Kidsfest 2015, Dinosaurs will appear live on stage!

The boys love Dinosaurs. Having seen them in exhibitions such as Titans of the Past and Dinosaurs : Dawn to Extinction , the boys are familiar with the beasts from the past. Thus when they heard that Dinosaurs will come alive on stage, they just have to see it for themselves to believe.

Presented by ABA Productions & ERTH Visual & Physical Inc. (AUS), this production is set to be a hit amongst kids.

This is no musical nor is there any storyline. Instead get a chance to meet prehistoric creatures, from the tiny baby dinos to the largest carnivores and herbivores that have ever walked the planet! This is an interactive show where selected kids from the audience will get an up close and personal experience with the life like dinosaurs.

This may be an educational show where you learn about the dinosaurs from Australia, but expect laughter from the various entertaining jokes and reactions from the children in the interactive sessions. As an added bonus, the boys get their chance to pet a baby dinosaur after the show.

Erth's Dinosaur Zoo have ended it's run at Kids Fest Singapore 2015, but do look out for more exciting performances from Kidsfest in the coming weeks ahead. We think 'The Tiger who came to Tea' and 'The Princesses and the Pea' would be our pick for child friendly shows.
More information on Kidsfest 2015 can be found here

The Wacky Duo were invited to roam with the Dinosaurs with admission tickets to the show for the family. Thankfully we survived the encounter.

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