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Jumping good times @ SkyHigh Trampoline Park

Sky High


Jump jump!

When I told the boys we are going jumping , they were a little confused. It was until I explained that we are going to a trampoline park where you practically do nothing but jump, that the boys jumped with excitement. Afterall trampoline has always been their favourite part in an indoor playground and to have a huge place to do just that is always a plus in their books.

We head down to the newly minted SkyHigh trampoline Park located at Burgley Lifestyle Hub in Serangoon Gardens. This is our first trampoline park visit and we really do not know what to expect.
Sign your waiver
After signing off the waiver, it was time for the boys to jump!

Foam pit
Foam pit
The first place that attracted the boys is the foam pit.

This is where you practise your jumping and landing before your actual jumps.
Let's go !
Obviously the boys could not resist the chance to demonstrate their limited 'skills'

Main jumping zone
Main jumping zone
It was not long before the boys decide to have a go at the main jumping area. The jumping area is zone into squares for jumping. The black area is where you jump while the green boarders are for you to catch your breath. 

If you are like me, 4 decades old, you would probably need it.
Jumping kids
As for the lads, they have no issue jumping for about an hour .
Do you know that jumping for over ten minutes is equal to a 30 minutes run ? It's amazing how the little ones can continuously jump for over an hour. It is almost equivalent to a marathon run. If you ask me, this is a much more fun alternatively then hitting the treadmills.
Basketball zone
Air Jordan
There are 2 basketball zone for you to practise your Air Jordan moves. I must say Big C did relatively well for a first timer. Check out his version of
Air Jordan

Padded walls

Padded walls
If you really need a break, so hop up to one of the padded walls for a quick relief. Just make sure you are able to jump down from it. Honestly , it is not as easy as it looks!
To ensure you have your desired slot for jumping, we recommend you to make an appointment early. There is a limit to the number of people allowed on the trampolines and each session last for one hour.

Children under 18 must have the waiver signed by their parents. For younger kids, we think they should not be left unsupervised, especially when here is a crowd in th pit. If your child is 3 and under, the trampoline park might be a tad too advance for them. Ages 4 and up should find this park an innovative way to play. 

Admission is from $10 to $15 depending on the days and time. For more information , visit www.skyhigh.com.sg

Don't forget to wear your socks. Quality socks with rubber non slip grip are also avaliable at the park .
SkyHigh socks
For those who want to catch a breath, there are sitting areas where you can rest and have a drink. The area is pretty industrial looking filled with interesting graffiti art.

So after our first foray, will we be back?

The boys reluctance to leave as well as insistence to revisit the park soon will definitely mean a repeated visit in he future.

SkyHigh Trampoline Park

Burghley Lifestyle Hub #01-05, 45 Burghley Drive 559022 Singapore.

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