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Optimus Prime ' Year of the Goat Platimun' Edition


The 'Year of the Goat ' is just days away. This year Hasbro Singapore launched Optimus Prime ' Year of the Goat ' Platimum edition.

Optimus Prime ' Year of the Goat ' editon
Having been to Transformer Toy Madness last year and meeting Optimus Prime face to face , the boys have turned into fans of Transformers. It does help too when they were rewarded with the kickass Optimus Prime 'First Edition' as their prime transformer play toy.
Thanks Hasbro!
The boys were so eager to play with their new toy when they received it that they did not wait till their old man is back from an overseas trip to join them.
Now I am jealous...
Translucent Prime
Transformer Platimum edition is a collected oriented Taylor which has its roots in 2013. Starting from Year of the Snake, it consist of redeco (recolouring) of previous molds of a previously released line.
The Year of the Goat Optimus Prime is a redco of Generation 2 "Laser Optimus". This year edition is clad in translucent casing with gold and chrome hues.
If you look closely at the Autobots symbol, you will see it is newly designed to commemorate the Year of the Goat.

Most collectors of toys would be wary about playing with their prized collection. Not so for the Wackies who firmly believe that ALL toys are meant to be played , collector or not.
' Year of the Goat ' Optimus Prime comprise of two parts, the truck transforms to Optimus Prime and the gas tank converted to a battle station.
The various pink missiles does add a little bit of psychedelic feel to this retro mold. After all this original mold is dated 1995. A good two decades ago!
Pink missiles
This is a highly playable set for the little ones. Even though it is recommended for age 8 and above, the 'underage' Little Lou has no problem transforming the truck to Optimus Prime.
Optimus Prime
Next to the 'modern' First Edition Optimus Prime, the ' Year of the Goat' Optimus Prime looks boxy . However , don't let the appearance fool you, it is as sturdy if not sturdier when compared to the former.
Optimus vs Optimus
Joining the every growing Transformers collection we have, Optimus Prime brings an old school charm to the brood. This is one Optimus that every boys will be happy to have. I think those age 12,24,36 and even 48 will love this as this is their Chinese Horoscpoe sign.

Optimus Prime is not the only ' Year of the Goat ' Transformer, Soundwave from Decepticon joins OP for this Platimum Edition wave. He looks just as cool imho. Both Optimus Prime and Soundwave can be bought at Toys R Us and selected stores for $179.90 and $219.90 respectively We think both will make a great addition to any collector.

Like they say, old is gold.
Old school Optimus
The Wacky Duo was provided one unit of Optimus Prime for review and play. The other toys featured are the Wackies own.

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