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Fun N Laughter @ City Square Mall

Fun N Laughter

Are you ready for some Fun N Laughter?

Since we are unofficially Singapore's indoor playground testers ( check out our definitive guide to Indoor Playground in Singapore), we could not refuse an invitation to roam one of Singapore's latest indoor playground.

So it's off to City Square mall for a little Fun N Laughter.
When we reached Fun Na Laughter located at basement 2 , the boys were a little bewildered. The shop front is made up of shelves of toys from Poyoyo , Tayo and other ranges.

Needless to say Little Lou was 'shocked' .

"Where is my playground !" He demanded.
Where is the playground?
Lo and behold. Tuck behind the shelves was the hidden indoor playground. It did not take long for the boys to make themselves comfortable in the premises.
Hidden Playground
A toddler ball pit greeted them from the front. It did entice them for a good 10 seconds before they are off to tackle the harder obstacles.
Toddler pit
Withe wrecking balls, rope climbing , 2 trampolines, there are enough obstacles to keep the boys occupied.
Wrecking ball
Let's climb!
Bounce Bonuce
The indoor structure is a 2 storey playground. It is quite easy to navigate and any child age 4 to 9 would be comfortable finding their way around. For adults , it is also a breeze to follow the child. Unlike some bigger playground, the height of each floor allows an adult to stand almost upright.

Trust me, that is highly essential especially if you need to follow a younger child around the playground. The playground comes with a slide of two. It may look innocent , but the speed of the slides does raise a few adrenaline. It certainly gives the bigger slides in other playground a run for their money.
There is also a ball pit at one corner
Shooting gallery
The difference between this ball pit and the other playground was that there are targets for you to aim at. At least it keeps the boys from aiming the cannons at me!
The cannons placement are a tad tall but it was compensated with stools for kids.
And if you fancy a game of Bamboos and Pandas ( aka snake and Ladder) , you technically could.
Snakes and Ladders
Tayo The Little Bus is also featured in this playground.
There is literally one little bus to ride around the playground. It will be great if there is more than one as it is occupied by a child for most of the time.
Riding the bus
For toddlers. a multi purpose room is opened for their enjoyment. There is a video projector game in the room too.
Interactive Play
There are some Poyoyo theme toys on the rack for them to explore. Although the space is meant for toddlers, there are no clear indication and older kids can enter the room. Since it is a multi function room, the spot may be close if there is a party going on.

That said, there are limited place for toddlers to play. The floor itself is not padded , thus might be unsuitable for babies.
Toddler toys
To make it up, there is a purposely build nursery room in the playground itself.
Nursing Room
In comparison to size, Fun N Laughter is a much smaller playground compared to typical playground. There is no definite cafe space for adults. Since it is located in a popular shopping mall, it is not surprising that parents would drop off the kids here for an hour or so .

There are no official drop off services. From what I observe , there are at least 2 in house minders in the playground 'looking after' the kids. This is a plus compared to other playgrounds where you hardly see a staff supervising play. That said, do make sure your child is toilet train before leaving them alone!

Our Verdict for Fun N Laughter. It may be small, but is has the essentials. The boys fully utilize their 2 hours allocation during the visit.
Still Playing
As of the date of reviews, the charges for play starts from $12 for kids below 24 months and $18 for child above 2. For off peak play, this is unlimited play and is a good deal.

Rates can be found here
Rates and entrance fee
Fun N Laughter
City Square Mall
180 Kitchener Road

#B2-32 Fun N Laughter

Singapore 208539

Ph : 6509 9766

10:30 AM to 9:30 PM (Daily)

The Wacky Duo were provided entrance to roam the grounds for review. No pandas were given in exchange except for our honest take on this review

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