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Goldilocks and the Three Bears 金发姑娘和三只熊 Review


Over the weekend , we caught our first Chinese musical from our favourite production house SRT The Little Company. Initially we were all a little apprehensive. Honestly Chinese had never been our choice spoken language at home and I was skeptical on the boy's reaction to it.

However as soon as the show started, the boys eyes were glued to the stage. Given that they had to concentrate on the show to follow its storyline, I was honestly quite amazed at how captivated they were.
The standout performances for this Chinese adaptation were undoubtedly the Three Bears. 熊爸爸, 熊妈妈, 熊宝宝 were impressive in their well coordinated song and dance routine. In particularly their 小心 number is hilarious wih their furry shaking bottoms.
Source : SRT
Along the way there are audience participation in a singalong. It was not really that hard to follow the musical even though it was in Mandarin. 

Overall it was an enjoyable hour plus spend being immerse in a Chinese production. Propswise it may not be as spectacular as Junior Claus but it's simple setting works and there were a few surprises that did made us smile. Best of all, Big C actually proclaim that this is one of the best shows he had seen.
Once again SRT The Little Company delivered ! 

If your child is into musical ( like The Wackies) , why not expose them to one with a different language. This may be our first Chinese musical, but given the quality of SRT The Little Company quality productions, we look for more Chinese productions in the months to come!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears will end their Mandarin production on 29 March. Tickets are still avaliable at

Given the holidays round the corner, this could be a well deserved treat for little kids! 

The Wacky Duo and their partners in crime aka Mom and Dad were invited for a media preview. No bears were harm in the process.

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