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In Memoriam - Lee Kuan Yew @ National Museum of Singapore

In Memoriam - Lee Kuan Yew Exhibition
The passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew is still fresh on our minds. Today marks a month since the passing of a great leader. As a remembrance, I decided to pay a visit to National Musuem of Singapore for the In Memoriam- Lee Kuan Yew exhibition held at the Glass Atrium Level 2.

The memorial exhibition is great for those who want to gain an insight to the life and political career of Singapore's first Prime Minister and founding father , Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Through a specially curated selection of photographic images and audio recordings, the exhibition began with Mr Lee's formative years as a law student and his early foray into politics.

The exhibit also included personal artefacts of Mr Lee. Through these artefacts, you will get to see a glimpse of history trough the life of Mr Lee. Here are some of the artefacts presented in the exhibition.

Cambridge results

Mr Lee was known to be gifted academically. He had graduated from Cambridge with a " Double First" honours in Law and he only star for distinction in his year.

Barrister wig and container 1949

Before he became a politican, he was a Barrister. It is through his career where he fought for the rights of union workers that he became intertwined with Singapore politics.
Rolex Oyster Perpetual Watch , 1953

The watch was presented to Mr Lee by the Singapore Union of Postal and Telecommunications Workers on 11 Apr 1953 after a successful arbitation over a wage dispute.
Poster of Singapore's First Legoslative Assembly , 1955

The poster shows Singapore's first Legislative Assembly.
Glass master plate , 1955

This glass master plate was used for printing leaflets for Lee Kuan Yew's campaign.
Battleship telegram ,1958

The infamous telegram that requested for 'steamboat' dinner with family. Unfortunately the steamboat dinner did not materialize as the family members could not encrypt the hidden message.
Battleship will henceforth replace Steamboat in future Singapore family gatherings for a steamboat meal.
Mr Lee political life from 1950 to 1990

Road to Merdeka 1950-1965

Survival and Nationhood 1965-1990

His Legacy

Rosewood rostrum , 1970s

This is the Rostum where PM Lee Kuan Yew delivered his annual National Day Rally at the National Theatre in 1970.
Red Ministerial box, mid 20th century

This red box was used by Mr Lee during his political office. It contained his daily work- from papers, speeches drafts, letter, readings, notes and cassette tapes. It was used for the last time on 4 Febuary 2015.

You can still pay tribute to Mr Lee at the exhibtion.

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There are also booklets in 4 languages as a takeaway. The booklet will guide you through the exhibit and explain the meanings of the photographs chosen.
You can also download a copy here.

The exhibition will be held till 28 June. There are no official word if it will be extended beyond that date. Some of the artefacts should remain in National Museum of Singapore. Visiting hours is from 10am to 8 pm(Sun to Thurs) and 10am to 10pm ( Fri,Sat). Entrance to the exhibit is Free.

We suggest a visit on weekdays to avoid the crowd. For a peek at Mr Lee's legacy, this exhibition will be a good start.

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