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Toy Museum Heritage Garden Review (Previously Known as Penang Toy Museum)

Toys Museum
Welcome to the largest and costliest toy museum in the world.
So says the signboard at Toy Museum Heritage Garden (previously known as Penang Toy Museum). Since The Wacky Duo are toy lovers, a visit to the Toy Museum was a must do in Penang.
Shelves of toys
Upon entrance to the museum, we were greeted with corridors of toys line up on shelves. It was not long before we spotted the toys we were familiar with.
Hulk Smash
Marvel characters were well represented here. From the life size models such as The Hulk and Spiderman to little toy models, the Avengers are well represented.
Xmen also found their spot in the museum.
Man of Steel
Superman and the cast from Batman from DC Comics are not far behind.

If DC and Marvel are not your cup of tea, Transformers from thhe 80s and 90s might cheer you up.

Moving away from the western theme toys, you can find shelves dedicated to the ever popular Ultraman.
Star Wars
Star Wars
Talking about popular toys, which boy/ man will not be fascinated with Star Wars.
The life size Yoda is a hit. However we think the unmask Darth Vader rocks too.
Darth Vader
Of course, toys here are not just meant for boys. Barbie can be found here too.

Movie Favourites
We think the owner of the Toy Museum is heavily influence with pop culture.
Aliens vs predators
Toys from movie franchise such as Hellboy, Aliens vs predators, The Incredibles and Lord of the Ring can be found here.
The Incredibles
Most of the toys here are from the 90s-2000s. There are not much range from current favourites such as Baymax or Legos.
Lord of the Rings
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Matrix and the Night Before Christmas made up the rest of the toys from the movie franchise.
Night before Christmas
There are other eerier toys from the movies such as Chucky and Hellrasier.
They might not be suitable for kids. It would certainly freak me out to spend a night here with some of the scarier toys.
Hell raiser
Toys from the past
He man
Adults will probably find this museum a blast as toys from the 80s such as He Man, Sesame Street , ET and Disney are found out.
Sesame Street
It was certainly a walk down memory lane for me.
Other Genres
There are other kinds of lesser known toys found in the museum. Musical icons such as Kiss to GI Joe dolls are found.
GI Joe
Some of these toys are probably worth quite a lot especially since they are out of production. With over 100000 toys in display, there is probably at least a million dollars worth of toys here.

On show are also toys from past era and some popular toy like artifacts.

The only downside is that all the toys displayed are protected being plastic sheets. That meant you can see but cannot touch. A difficult preposition for any toy loving child.

That said, kids may leave a tad disappointed if they could not get any toys to play. Nontheless if you are a toy lover, you might find this museum charming and probably spend hours in it. For us an hour there is sufficient to whet our appetite for play.
By the way, the new Toy Museum Heritage Gardens is billed as a place to see, wax figures, toys , bags collection and heritage garden. To be honest, other than the toys, the rest of the collections are probably lost in translation. So do manage your expectations when you are there.
I want to play
LocationToy Museum Heritage Garden 1370, MK2, Teluk Bahang,11050 Penang.(Beside SJK (C) Eok Hua School)
Entrance Adults Myr $15 Child Myr $10

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