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1 of 5 ways to engage your child with Ariel and Her Honesty Pig : by MandarinaKids

Ariel and her Honesty Pig

Books that encourage positive themes and values will always score high on my list. Ariel and her Honesty Pig by MandarinaKids is one such book. It teaches the value of friendship to ten young readers. To cap it off, it is a bilingual book that is designed to introduce Chinese and English to preschool children from age 2-6.

Learning how to make friends with Ariel and her Honesty Pig

About the book Ariel and her Honesty Pig

Ariel and Her Honesty Pig is a Bilingual English/Mandarin book with fun flipups and audioCD to help parents introduce Mandarin to their young children in a fun and interactive manner. This bilingual picture book illustrates the value of honesty and friendship through Meng Meng and An An’s care for Ariel.
Ariel beautiful artworks attracted new friends
One of the key takeaway the boys learn from the book is Friendship - How to make friends.

Without giving too much away from the book, the boys managed to learn the following basic lessons when it comes to making friends.

Be honest and sincere
Do not lie to your friends. Even an innocent white lie is discouraged as it may cause misunderstanding that will strain the relationship. Be truthful from the beginning and you will gain the trust of your friends.
Making friends is as easy as being yourself

Be yourself
More importantly, be yourself in the presence of your friends. True friends will accept you for who you are. You need not hide under a cloak of pretence for the sake of making new friends. Everyone is unique in their own ways despite their shortcomings. You may be surprise that others will find yourself more interesting than you see yourself to be.
What's under the flap?
Other than the life lessons learned, I was glad this is a bilingual book. Teaching Chinese to my children is not my forte. Coming from an English Speaking school, the grasp for the language is challenging. Thus the addition of Han Yu Pin Yi in the story is a plus as it makes story telling a breeze to the Chinese language challenged Dad.

Flipup flaps with English Below

In addition the book has flipup flaps with English words hidden below and the top showing Chinese Characters and Han Yu Pin Yin (Chinese Phonics) . This would encourage English native readers to focus on the Chinese first instead of reading off the English words to understand the story.

There are also selected flaps with Chinese characters with Han Yu Pin Yin that are larger in fonts to enables character tracing by finger. This is an effective way to learn Chinese Character as well as to highlight the words to the young ones. Hidden below each flap contains the English words and a simple illustration of the words to further reinforces the message.

Although the book is recommended for ages 2-6, it can provide a good read for early primary school children. The content as well as the words is substantial to capture their attention.
Making Friends is only one of the five lessons you could learn from Ariel and Her Honesty Pig. To find out more about the lessons you can pick up from this book, follow the rest of the bloggers who are reviewing the book at the following links in the upcoming weeks.
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Ariel and Her Honesty Pig
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