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8 must watch movies for 2015

After a few lull years where only a handful of good movies emerged on a yearly basis, this year promises to be one filled with 'must watch' blockbusters! With the advalanche of great movies, we think these 8 movies will set your hearts racing for 2015.
The Wackies are going to spend quite a while in the cinemas!
A few facts
  • 6 out of 8 shows are sequels of excellent shows.
  • 1 is a reboot of a popular franchise.
  • 3 Marvel movies made it to the list, sorry DC.
  • Superheros and science fiction rule the list
Avengers: Age of Ultrons
Avengers : Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultrons is a sequel to the highly successful Avengers Assemble. Ironman, Hulk, Thor , Captain America , Hawkeye and Black Widow are back. New characters like Vision, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch join in the fight to battle a new nemesis , Ultron.
A must watch for Marvel fans!

Ant Man is the latest addition to the Marvel Movie universe. Slated to join the Avengers on a later date, this mini Superhero will introduce himself on the Big Screen.
Personally , I would prefer a Hulk solo over this, but the trailer promises a whole new world to explore for Ant Man.
Fantastic Four
Fantastic Four
I am still on the edge for this one. I thought the old Fantasitic Four was good enough. However it is a little too comical to fit into the current Marvel franchise. This reboot should set it align with the slew of Marvel movies. It may not join the Avengers bandwagon due to franchise issues, but there is always this possibility down the road.
A note for purist, Johnny Storm will be completely different from the comics. Not sure if that is a good move.
Star Wars VII
Star Wars Episode VII
Star Wars fans who missed the old school Star Wars (Episode IV to VI)will rejoice in this, especially when Hans Solo and Chewie is back!
If the trailers are an indication of what is to come, we can forgive the disastrous Episode I to III and embrace the new Star Wars.

Jurassic World
Jurassic World
The first Jurassic Park was a cinematic breakthrough. The first sight of the realistic Dinosaurs on the big screen was a big wow. Since then the future installments were a neh.
With Chris Patt ( Guardians of the Galaxy) headlining this franchise, there is hope this will be a better movie. The trailer does show a lot of promise.
Terminator Genisys
Terminator Genisys
'I will be back'
Yes he is back, the 68 year old Arnold is back as the Terminator, looking as mean as ever. A total reboot, you will be amaze by how many times the terminator needs to travel back in time to destroy John Conner.

The irony?

John Conner is send back himself to eliminate his own mother.
Not exactly family friendly, but given its history, it is one show you should not miss.
The lovable Yellow Minions are back.
Kids will adore this.
Enough said.
Pitch Perfect 2
Pitch Perfect 2
If this is out of the blue, we have an explanation.
Eversince we caught the first Pitch Perfect on HBO, we were enticed by the a cappella. We love music and so this is a must watch for us.
2016 Bonus : Superman vs Batman
Batman vs Superman
To be fair, DC does have a potential hit up its sleeves. However we will have to wait till 2016 to watch the highly anticipated Superman vs Batman.
Do you know that this show has an Easter Egg appearance in ' I am Legend' in 2007? It is almost a decade in the making, but it is coming to the theatre soon!
Watching movies is a expensive treat. A visit to the movie together with Popcorn and drinks could easily cost $60 for a family of 4. We do hope there will be *ahem* sponsors who would like to invite us to the above previews !
Enjoy the movies!

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