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The Fantastical Story Factory : A musical adventure for kids!

Let's go and see a musical

The boys did not hesitate at the invitation. Being young and naturally curious, their question to the invitation was a simple  What is this musical about?

The Fantastical Story Factory
For once I am scratching my head for an answer.

The Fantastical Story Factory is a musical adventure that has no fixed script. What is presented on stage is the result of every random suggestion, every wacky idea, every inspired noise that is used to create a hilarious, impromptu , 100 % original musical for kids.

Every show is different , every song is different, every joke is different , every reaction is different , every suggestion is different for each and every show. So how does one do a review on a show that changes every time?

The bottom-line is this. The cast is superb in their creativity, their spontaneity and their chemistry. Each one seem to know where to start or stop a new song, a new tune and a new twist to the plot. As a team, they take the directions from the young audience and transformed it to a super funny 1 hour musical. Sometimes the suggestions can get a little tricky. For example, our audience seem determine to have every character in the musical be a mean killer. However the cast managed to make the musical PG friendly regardless of the 'dark' undertones. The Fantastical Story Factory is a spin off from the award winning The Showstoppers, an improvised comedy musical group. The talents clearly shone during the show.

For the record, we just watched a musical set in the Dungeon of a Magical Kingdom. The main character is Alexander the Great ( name provided by the audience ), a Dungeon Master who is particularly picky about almost everything, just like Goldilocks from the Three Bears. As a result, he does not have any real friends. One day, Piggy the Princess ( name again given by the audience, no less) came to visit. She had secretly love the Dungeon Master. However after a dance routine with a dozen or so little piglets ( young audience ) , she was rejected as Alexander found her to be a little tad dirty in her habits. As a result she ran away. The King , whose main hobby is killing people, came to the Dungeon with the intention to kill Alexander for chasing his daughter away. However he relented and send Alexander to find princess Piggy at the volcano. Alexender had realised that he loves Piggy too, so he decided to profess his love. Princess Piggy was almost killed by the volcano magician called Violent ( he loves to kill too!), who was on the brink of erupting the volcano. The magician was stop on her track by Alexander who stuff her in the box. After his profession of love of the Princess Piggy and bananas, he was greeted with mixed reaction from Princess Piggy. All ends well when the pair of lover reconciled. This was the complete story entitled 'The Picky Man'.

The one of a kind show was directed completely by the young audience. It may be a show made on the spot, but it was punctuated with humour, synochonised songs and entertainment. The kids enjoyed being part of the show and the adults were laughing at the surprising twists in the every changing plot.
With the cast from The Fantastical Story Factory
The Fantastical Story Factory will have a limited run in Singapore. There are 2 more shows on 2 May and 3 May at SOTA Drama Theatre.

Recommended for kids age 5 and up. Young at heart adults looking for a laugh are welcome too.
Get your tickets here for a one of a kind experience!

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The Wacky Duo were invited to preview the show. your experience will differ from ours. Due to the format of the show, our review will not be what you will see. 100 % guaranteed.

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