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Tulipmania 2015 : Where Fairytales unfolds

Welcome to Tulipmania
Tulipmania has been an annual favourite display at the Flower Dome@Gardens by the bay since 2013. The colourful array of Tulips are a charming sight. This display will not be possible in the open gardens of Singapore given it's hot climate. Thus it's yearly appearance at the Flower Dome is highly anticipated.

This year Tulipmania is woven as part of Garden by the Bay story telling journey for 2015. Fairy tales is the 2nd chapter in this year's theme.The first being Asian tales. Step into the Flower Dome and you will be transported into the enchanted world of your favourite fairy tales.
A pair of medieval knights guard the entrance to this mystical journey.The knights seem familiar, where have we seen them before?

From our favorite vantage point, the flower bed seemed a little muted. Alas, the eyes betrayed the beauty within.To fully appreciate the beauty of the tulips, you would have to be near them. The explosion of colours from a close range makes this display one of the more beautiful one I had seen till date.

Familiar Fairytales of old awaits. The clever integration of the story into Tulipmania gives it a welcoming breath of fresh air. If you are going with your child, it is a great way to introduce fairytales to them. If they are already familiar with them, we recommend you to play spot the fairytales!

Here is a little guide to help you along.

Hansel & Gretel
Hansel and Gretel
The house of candy from the Brothers Grimm " Hansen and Gretel" takes centerstage at the flower bed.

The Little Mermaid
The little mermaid
Anderson 'The Little Mermaid' comes alive at the Gardens.

The Ugly Duckling
The white swan
Can you spot The White Swan in a pool of blue hyacinths from ' The Ugly Duckling' by Hans Christian?

Little Red Riding Hood (Originally, Little Red Cap)
Little red riding hood
Little Red Riding Hood from Brothers Grimm tales roam amongst the tulip hybrid known as ' Red Riding Hood'. Thank goodness the big bad wolf is our of sight.

Brothers Grimm Rapunzel can be found high up above the green tower.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Snow White
The seven dwarf house is represented here. No sight of Snow White here. Just to clarify , the figure in the mirror is not the Evil Queen.

Look who had left her silver shows and horse carriage behind.

Where are you, Cinderella? 


She is the hardest one to spot. This little girl created by Hans Christina Anderson can be found hidden amongst the pink tulips.

The Snow Queen

The snow queen
Guess which is the longest fairytale ever written by Hans Christian Anderson?

It is the snow queen , who incidentally is the inspiration behind 'Frozen'.

The Windmill
The Windmill
The Windmill , a structure symbolic of Holland where tulips thrive, was also a subject of Hans Christian Anderson fairytale aptly titled ' The Windmill'

We bet you do not know that and honestly neither did we.
To round up the fairytale setting , we spotted a new dragon wooden figure perched high above on the mezzanine floor. It is indeed a magestic creature suited to oversee the mythical elements beneath it.


Compared with previous edition, the tulips took a back stage amongst the fairytales. Nontheless the beautiful sights and aromatic scent fills the flower dome. With 40 varieties and 20,000 bulbs in the garden, it will be a beautiful sight to behold




Easter eggs

If you are going with kids, don't forget to get them a crown of tulips.
Grab a brochure too to make your own paper tulips.

Fairytales usually comes with a prince charming. We reckon Little Lou fits the bill in this case.
Prince Charming

Other notable events during this period are as follows

  • Tulipmania
20th March to 10th May.
Time : 9am to 9pm

  • Fairytales comes alive
25-26 April 11am to 530 pm
Dance performances 11 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm
Characters on stilts 4 pm, 5 pm
The popular characters from fairytales comes alive! Meet and greet session.
Tulips for Mom

  • Gardens by the Bay Make a Wish Trip
26 March - 26 April
Snap a creative pose with your favourite fairytale character on display and say why you liked tuilipmania. Upload with a creative caption to Instagram and hastag #GBWishATrip #GBTulipMania #KLM and stand a chance to win a pair of tickets to Europe via KLM.

Tulipmania is enticing and different enought to warrant a trip down. Since Mother's Day is coming, a visit with Mom to the Flower Dome would probably make a good excursion especially if she is a floral fan.

Activities for Mother's Day are also planned for Gardens By the Bay. Check out the listing here.
Fairytales in the Garden


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