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Adventure Zone @ Golden Sands Resort Penang : Killer Slides!

Adventure Zone

A visit to Penang with kids should always include a visit to Adventure Zone. If you are travelling with children under 12, this would be THE indoor playground to bring your kids to.

And the reason: The Killer Slides!
Adventure Zone is located within the Golden Sands Resort at Batu Ferringhi. It is opened to both resort guest and public. Adventure Zone is on our must do activities with kids in Penang. See the full list here.
3 slides, 3 different experiences.
We have been to alot of indoor playgrounds in Singapore, but none of them comes close to the adrenaline pumping slides we encountered in Adventure Zone.

There are 3 slides of different gradients to challenge the young ones. To start off, you have the 'gentle' sloping mulit-colour 3 lane slide. Don't be fooled by the facade. You have to slide down this 4 storey slide in a gunny sack and trust us, it was fast!
Blue Slide

If that did not get your heart pumping, the blue slide might do just that. The slide starts with a 60 degree drop follow by a gentler 45 degree slope into the ball pit. Sound simple enough?
Once you are up there , you might actually have second thoughts about coming down.

Last but not least , you have the red slide. If you have been to Kidsstop Singapore , this would be similar to the Big J at Level 7. Except this time there is nothing to hang on to before you let go. Here you simply put your legs over the edge and drop almost 90 degree.

Trust us, this is not for the faint hearted, even adults will get fear in their veins once they peer down from the top. That being said this is not the slide for kids under 5. The degree of the drop might not be suitable for the younger children's body. Thus we do recommend you keep an eye on the younger ones when you are there.

That said, there is a staff supervising the kids from above. Nonetheless, should it get busy, there is always a chance the more adventurous kids will slip under their radar for a slide down. So do stay cautious. We did saw parents letting their children as young as 3 a free rein in the playground. Cautious is advise as one slip could easily result in injuries.

Do note to ride the slides, you need to have long sleeve shirts on. No swimwear is allowed on the slides.

To be on the safer side, there is a wrap around indoor playground build around the slides. The 2 storey structure is relatively safe compared to the daredevil slides.

We do think, after a few rounds the playground, the children would somehow gravitate to the main attraction - the slides!
In case you have very young children, there is a milder play area for children age 4 and below.
Toddler's area
For parents who need a break while the children roam the play area, there is a sitting down area with lockers for parents to relax.

Getting There
Jalan Batu Ferringhi, Batu Ferringhi, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
10am to 7pm

For resort guests
Children: MYR 44 for half-day package, or MYR 22 per two-hour session
Adults enter free of charge with paying children

Local visitors/Non-registered guests
Children: MYR 33 per two-hour session
Adults enter free of charge with paying children

Adventure Zone

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