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Mother's Day is everyday

Mother's Day began with a treasure hunt for Mommy. The boys hid their artwork that they had 'secretly' drawn over the past week.

It was a short treasure hunt. After all it is Mother's Day and it would be unfair to let Mommy do all the work. So the boys aided her with not so subtle hints or obvious placement of the many gifts they prepared.

After about 10 mins of hugs and kisses, it was back to routine for Mommy.

Mommy bathed the kids, dressed them up for weekend classes, tuitioned the elder one in the afternoon to prepare for exams, coaxed the younger ones to eat during dinner, had one to one time with the elder boy before nap time, found sometime to catch up on her work, shared one last joke with the younger one before he slept ( got reprimanded by Daddy as it was way past bedtime) and finally settled in bed for the night.

There were no big gifts, no lavish meals, no day at the spa. It was just a typical Sunday and a busy day.Even if it was Mother's Day, there was no break from loving the children and playing her role as mom to perfection. Mother's Day was businesss as usual, all done without much fanfare.
Thank you dear for being a wonderful mom to the kids.
Mother's Day was not just yesterday. It is everyday.

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