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Made In Penang Interactive Museum

Made In Penang
Trick Art Museum is the rage for the past years. Trick Art museums have been popping up all around the world. We had experienced Trickeye Museum @ RWS and Alive Museum @ Suntec City Singapore. We even ventured to Trickeye Museum @ Phuket. That probably qualify us as 'veterans' of Trickye Art.

That was why we visited Penang, the island known for its street arts that had its inspiration in Trick Art, we just had to visit Made in Penang Interactive Museum. Incidentally, this trick art museum is one of the latest attraction that has spout out in Penang.

Finding the spot was not a difficult task. Made in Penang is located in George Town. The best way to head there is via the local taxi. Do ask them to go to Made in Penang located in Behn-Meyer Building in Weld Quay near the ferry terminal.
Strong man.
To enter the museum , you would have to pass through Great Wall of Penang. Interestingly the artwork is mostly done by locals depicting the local history and lifestyle. Hence the aptly named Made in Penang.

Admission fee is a a reasonable 30 myr for adults and 20 myr for kids. These are rates for tourists and we understand that locals with Mykad would get a better deal. Comparatively to Singapore Trick Art Museum, we do think it is fairly price for an attraction of this scale.

Let the tour began!

Made in Penang is housed in a 2 storey building. The first story has several miniature diorama, while the secomd floor is the main trick art gallery.

We decided to star the tour on the second floor first.

Our first gallery is the horoscope gallery. Little Lou managed to find his Chinese Horoscope to pose for a picture.

Speaking about posing, The Wacky Duo are experts at posing at Made in Penang. Forget about your generic 'cheese' photo. Let your imagination fly while you are at the museum.
Virtual Reality
Other than the usual Trick Art, the museum also incorporate an interactive virtual 3D art work. The boys' favorite would be Lion Dance Performance.
Opera Mask
The gallery itself is spacious. Unlike other Trickeye museum, there are not compartmentalized into smaller rooms, thus giving loads of space to take the perfect shot.

Peer closer and you would notice that most of the Artwork has a distinct local flavor.

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Penang Kway Teow anyone?

How about prata and Teh?

There are certain artwork that requires you to pose as instructed to get the full visual effect. Just follow the instructions listed on each individual artwork for guidance.

Wifi is available, so you can instagram your photos. Don't forget to hashtag #MadeinPenang

After about an hour plus of posing we head down to the first level to see the miniature exhibition.

The miniature diorama depicts mainly early Penang and the Kampung lifestyle. Look closely and you will be amaze at the realism it portrays.

Five Stone
Nasi Lemak


The Pier
If you intend to visit the place, do allocate about 1.5 hours there. Don't forget your camera.
Do note that Penang has at least 3 Trick Art Museum, so do not get confused. We were initially bought to Penang Time Tunnel instead of this museum.

The Little Details
Made in Penang Interactive Museum
3, Pengkalan Weld, Georgetown, 10300 George Town, Penang, Malaysia
Mon-Fri : 9am to 6pm
Sat - Sun : 9am to 8pm

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