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Cold Storage Kids Run 2015 : Run,Wackies, Run!

Our first Cold Storage Kids Run
 Run, Wackies, Run!

The Wacky Duo had been to many events the past 3 years, but surprise surprise, this is their first official Kids run !

When I first told the boys about the run , I was a little apprehensive. Sports is not exactly their forte and running over 100 meters constantly was something they were not trained for. It was to my surprise that the boys gamely took up the challenge. They had their eyes on the prize at the end of the individual medal for the finisher.
Cold Storage Kids Run 2015
The year , the 8th edition of Cold Storage Kids run is held at Gardens By the Bay. Being novice to the event, we were not sure what to expect. In an event that attracted 5000 participants and parents, it was very well organised. There were a few categories of events catering to individual runs, 3 generation runs and parent / child run. Logistically, we had reservations about the process. To our pleasant surprise,everything ran like clockwork.
Crowds of 5000!
Reporting was a breeze. The runners were separated into different sections and each race was orderly and on time. Needless to say , we were impressed. There was minimum waiting time and happy faces throughout the race. In between waits, there are several activities and booths to visit prior and after the race.
The boys were in separate groups. Little Lou was in the Merry Berry for children age 5-6 while Big C was in the Happy Grapes . Although the run started at 845am, the sun was already blazing. Nontheless as everything went on smoothly, it was a comfortable wait for the start of the race. 8 years of experience running this event does showed up well during the run.
Ok, I am not someone who is easily impressed , having gone through numerous events. So to be impress so many times most probably meant we had a great time.
Spot Little Lou
Little Lou had to race with our helper while I ran with Big C. Unfortunately Mommy had to be at work today and missed this run. He completed his race all on his own, without a request to be carried. To put the achievement in perspective, he had usually request to be carried after 400 meters on normal days. Well done!
Starting line
As for Big C, we had a great start to the race. We decided on 'max speed' on the onset for this 800 meters run and see if we can maintain the pace throughout the ran.
Speed !
Alas , our lack of training proves to be our Achilles heel. We had to slow down in the middle to catch our breath...

Take 5!
Running around Gardens By the Bay is highly recommended. Our every turn was greeted by trees of various variety. A refreshing sight compared to the concrete jungle a distance away. We even had to run around the giant Baby before we reach the finishing line.
With the finishing line in sight, Big C picked up his pace and it was a sprint to the finish! Thankfully I had embarked on jogging therapy for the past 2 years. I was able to keep pace with this little Speedy Gonzales till the end.
A dash to the finish!
The boys picked up their medals almost immediately after the race. The beams on their face made waking up at 6 am for this event all worth it. Elated with their first medal, they vowed to be back for the race next year!
Personally , I was proud of both of them. They entered the race without knowing the exact distance for the run and completed it by pushing their normal threshold. It was not all about the medals but a small test on their endurance.

The result ...they aced it.
Finsher Medals
The 'race' had not ended for them. The boys could not partake in the extra activities as they had to head to their enrichment classes. After the run, it was another 800 meters back to the carpark at Marina Bay Sands, marking a grand total of 2.4 km run/ jog for the morning. Since they missed each other's company during the run, the boys decide to have their own kids run version 2 on the way back.
We did it!
Inspired by their spirit, I am contemplating joining a marathon in the year ahead.

Don't laugh... I am serious!
Junior Champ!
 A Special thanks to Cold Storage for the invitation to the run. It was a wonderful experience for us!

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