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LEGO Simpsons 2 minifigure : Quick Feel Guide

The Simpsons is back in town with the latest LEGO Simpsons 2 Minifigures.Since this is our third review of the LEGO Minifigures series, you would probably realise by now that I am an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO). It is good thing too that The Wacky Duo are fans too, so it gives me the excuses to hunt look for the latest LEGO goodies.

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Simpsons Minifigures
There are lots of fantastic review on the set, our favourite site for the latest review is at Since reviews are aplenty, we will just dive straight into the secret in selecting the right Simpsons minifigures from the sealed polybags, you know the good stuff for beginner collectors.
Honestly the fun in getting the characters you wanted is the hunt for it. Once you successfully identified the character you wanted, a sense of pride would sweep over you. It's a feeling that AFOL or LEGO fans in general would identify with. Somehow the kid in us will never disappear.

Date Night Homer
Homer is back in Simpsons 2 with a change of clothes. He is having a date with Marge in this series and is in matching gear with Marge.
He is also one of the toughest to identify as he has similar accessories and size with Dr. Hibbert. The main giveaway is the 2x2 tiles and Homer's head. The top of the head is smooth with Dr. Hibbert is rough.
Homer's Head and 2x2 tile
Date Night Marge
Marge is ready for a date with Homer in her fancy dress.
She would be quite easy to locate with her long head with small protruding round surface. Feel for the 1x2 bag and un-assembled set of 4 flowers to confirm.
Marge head, 1x2 tile, Flowers
Bart alter ego Bartman is in this series. The slingshot is a brand new LEGO piece!Feel for the slingshot to confirm. Bartman is the only one with it.
Bartman Slingshot
Lisa & Snowball II
Lisa is back with a pink outfit and she brings along the family cat, Snowball II. Snowball II is a giveaway. However it could be similar to Santa's Little Helper. to confirm feel for Lisa leg. Lisa's pokey head is also a giveaway.
Snowball II
Maggie and Santa's Little Helper
Maggie looks almost similar to the first series with the exception of the eyes. Santa's Little Helper is probably what makes this pair interesting to collectors.

This is the set with the least accessories as Maggie's body comes in one piece. It is quite easy to identify. Other than the obvious Santa's Little Helper, the next tip is get the bag that does not have LEGO Legs!
Santa's Little Helper
Patty Bouvier
Patty is Marge sister and one pair of a twin. She has one of the largest head in the series which is at least 1.5 times larger than the others. Other than the head, the bag is a good giveaway as it is unique to this series.
Selman Bouvier
Selma is the twin sister of Patty and sister to Marge. She has probably the largest head piece in the set which is easily identifiable with its small protruding round shapes. To differentiate with her sister , feel for the 2x2 tiles.Do not be confused with Smiters with a similar (but smaller) head.
Selma's large head with 2x2 tile
Fallout Boy Milhouse
Milhouse had also appeared in the original LEGO Simpsons series. He is back as as alter ego Fallout Boy.
He can be identified by his Buzz Cola cylinder can.
Buzz Cola

A new character in the LEGO Simpsons series and Bart's schoolmate. Apparently he gives Lisa a run for her money in intelligence.Easy to find with the oversize book.
Coping with High IQ

Mr Burns personal assistance and best friend makes an appearance. He is holding Springfield most popular doll Malibu Stacy. Collecting toys is his passion!
He is the only character with two 2x2 tile. Feel it and he is yours.
Malibu Stacy package
Hans Moleman
Springfield ex mayor and senior citizen is in the series. Perhaps he could be best pals with Grampa Simpsons in the future.
He has only one 1x2 tile which is a void driver's license. The other character with it in the series is Marge. given Marge distinct head, it will be hard to mix them up.
Void Driver's License
Enda Krabappel
With the appearance of so many Bart's school friends, it is about time his 4th grade teacher is introduced here.The pink mug with 2x2 tile is her calling card.
Pink Mug and Woodrow Wilson Photo
Professor Frink
New character Springfield professor joins in the Simpsons Family.His liquid flask is unique to him and easily identifiable.
Liquid Flask
Comic Book Guy
The Comic Book Guy owns a comic store in Springfield.His Quishee bottle with a straw is easily identified. He is also holding a 2x2 Everyman comic tile.
EveryMan and Quishee
Dr Hibbert

Dr Hibbert is Springfield best doctor.

He and Homer are almost identical with the exception of his head which is rough on the top. He is aso holding a 2x2 tile similar to Homer.
Dr Hibbert head and 2x2 Tile


Groundskepper Wille

Springfield school groundskepper and janitor.
His plunger is easily identified. He comes in 5 per box thus making him one of the easiest person to find in the box.

Compared to the earlier Simpsons, this set has lesser familiar faces. The Simpsons family would probably be a familiar fan favourite. We think this set might be less collectable compared to other sets. However if you are a Simpsons fan, you would probably want to collect it.

The distribution in the set is as follows
5 Date Night Homer
5 Bart as Bartman
5 Groundskeeper Willie
4 Date Night Marge
4Lisa with Snowball II
4 Maggie with Santa’s Little Helper
4 Milhouse as Fallout Boy
4 Smithers 4 Dr Hibbert
3 Comic Book Guy 3 Martin Prince
3 Professor Frink
3 Hans Moleman
3 Selma
3 Patty
3 Edna Krabappel
The hardest to get would probably be the ones in 3.You can now get them in selected toy stores and 7 Eleven for $4.90.

Since we had so much fun collecting The Simpsons LEGO minifigures, we thought it will be great to share this passion with our readers. To help kickstart your collection , we have 1 set of 5 characters from this collection for giveaway. They are The Simpsons family consisting of Homer, Marge, Maggie, Lisa and Bartman! *

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* The Lego Simpsons minifigures are unopened and sealed in the poly bags . To the best of our ability, we think it is the Simpsons family, but there is always the 1% chance that we might be wrong :)
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PS : We are not sponsored by LEGO to do this review. Nonetheless if LEGO is willing to do a collaboration, we welcome it with open arms. How about a review of the upcoming LEGO Ferris Wheel set for a start ?


  1. I can't find these at Vivo Toys R Us... Hope to win this!

    1. Heard that they are selling at Seven Eleven. Should not be difficult to get a full set if they are doing it :)


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