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Changi Recommends Oveseas Travel Wifi Router Review

Hello Gold Coast
When it comes to travelling, the one thing we look out for is connectivity.

As much as we would like to have a gadget free holiday, sometimes it is necessary to have internet access aboard. There are many ways to get connected overseas. You could use your own local plan, an overseas sim card, hotel wifi or free wifi found in selected malls and coffee shops. All these options are great, if you do not mind paying an arm or a leg for local plan, spend time hunting for a SIM card (not to mention the need to carry an extra phone), having slow access or drinking lots of coffee for free wifi.

Thankfully there is a gadget you can get from Singapore to solve all that.... The Changi Recommeds Overseas Travel Wifi Router 

Here are 5 reasons why the Overseas Travel Wifi Router is a must for travelers

1 Affordibility
The Overseas Travel Wifi is available from $12 rental per day (depending on locations) . It is able to up to 10 devices (depending on model) so effectively it cost as low as $1.20 per device!
The unit rental for Australia is at $12 per day. The good news is that they do not charge rental for the first day.

2 High Daily fair usage limit
Ranging from 250MB to unlimited depending on countries travelled. Our unit in Australia gives us 400MB per day. Thereafter we remain connected, but at a slower speed. This is great for updating our social media platforms and catch up on news while we are on the road.
Just check out our instagram on our updates during our holidays in Gold Coast.

3 Instant Connection

We were instantly connected upon landing. No need to search high and low for a local sim card or wait in lines to get one for connection.
4 Never get lost on the road
Never get lost!
With internet access, we are able to access Google Maps which had helped in our navigation throughout the trip. Compared to the local GPS unit, this might even be better especially on newer roads or hard to find destination.

5 Strong Signals
Update from the sea

Compared to Wifi from the hotel, our signal is always stronger and faster. We even did an update from the ocean during our whale watch trip. How cool is that?

For the record the router can connect to a device 10 meters away. In a group, it is great as it allows mobility amongst users.

The wifi router last about 6 hours on the road. Compared to the unit we had in Japan, it has a shorter battery life. You could have use a portable charger to refuel as it comes with USB wire for charging.

Renting a unit is a breeze, simply do an online reservation 3 working days before the departure date.

There are Changi Recommends outlets in all 3 terminals for you to pick up and return the unit. The outlets are opened 24 hours a day, so you will have no issue picking it up late or early.
After using it, we think this is a must have in our checklist for future holidays aboard!

Sponsored Disclaimer was provided a set for usage and review. No monetary compensation was given. All opinions are of our own.


  1. Hi, just wondering whether the 400mb a day is sufficient if we watch youtube? did u try? be going perth and wondering if i should get this or the data card.

    1. The boys were on youtube for most of the nights for about an hour or so. No problem with that in Gold Coast :). If exceed 400MB , speed may be slower but still watchable ( at least in our case)
      Tip : Set the resolution to 360 and below to watch. If you are considering data card, this might be a good deal for Australia


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