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Top Popular Family Blogs in Singapore

Why this list ?

A little background... we were recently featured in Johor Kaki Top 50 Singapore Food Travel and Lifestyle blogs. Surprisingly we were number 18 on the list. Woo Hoo! Guess that meant someone is reading our blog. The list had piqued our curious minds and we decided to make a similar list for the category we are most familiar with - Family Bloggers!

We set a few ground rules in the selection of family blogs.

The main criteria is simple. The featured blogs should be mostly on all things related to family such as parenting tips, travel , lifestyle , kids friendly restaurants and crafts. At least 60 % of content should be family oriented. In addition, the blog should be base in Singapore.

We base the popularity with figures obtained from Similar web. This public portal has been acknowledged as the best publicly available source for web traffic. It does have its shortcomings as blogs with unverified data often shows lower traffic than it really has. Take the numbers with a pinch of salt.Verified data can be 100 times more than compared to what it is currently showing. It is technically possible that someone with unverified data to be number 1 on it. The list may not be 100% accurate but it is the best we can find. We stop at 25, otherwise the list will grow VERY long.
Do note the numbers are base on the month of June only. So on hindsight , it is VERY inaccurate. More salt please.
For up to date data, do consult the individual blog owners whose links are attached in the post
We had made some observations which is rather interesting
  • The list is heavily skewed towards mommy bloggers . Mommy bloggers outnumber Daddy bloggers by 3:1
  • Most family blogs have posts centered around activities with families.
  • The top 3 spots are occupied by Daddy Bloggers . A surprise given that daddy bloggers are a rare breed, probably numbering 1 to every 10 mommy bloggers in Singapore. This rarity may have attribute to the higher readership, thus making them look more popular than it seem.
  • The use of one month figure may be inaccurate as some blogs may experience viral posts for that particular month. A 6 months average would be a more accurate gauge but unfortunately such data is difficult to obtain.
  • Country Rank is probably a better indicator of the popularity rather than the visits itself.

Honestly, there are many other blogs that deserve a place on this list . Popular blogs does not necessary mean they have the best written articles. Some are even loaded with grammatical errors and random posts like this (hey that is us!) that would make readers cringe. On the other hand, there exist lesser known blogs that are hidden gems with well written articles... but unfortunately they fell off the radar due to irregular updates or personalised posts that search engines failed to pick up.

Bottom-line is this, the popularity of the blog depends on the direction the writer undertakes. There are personalised blogs and there are blogs that are filled with contents that relate to the masses. Each have its own appeal and readers. There is no right or wrong way to blog. Ultimately the choice a blogger made would ultimately affect the readership. The top 25 family blogs have a wide spectrum that goes from private posts to articles that are meant to be informative for a wider audience. For the record falls in between.

If you spot any hidden gems , just leave a comment here. If we do miss anyone out on the list, do keep us in the loop. Our advice - bookmark all these blogs if you are a parent! Some of the parenting tips and information are priceless!
Enjoy reading!

Cheekiemonkies Verified 105.4k

The Grand Daddy of the Blogsphere. Kelvin indulge in activities around Singapore with his 3 kids . He even has a book entitled Kids Go Where base on his blog adventures. Need a copy , get it here.

The Wacky Duo Verified 52.8k

Next on the list is The Wacky Duo (aka us) We bring you a kaleidoscope of experiences locally and overseas. Written by Daddy M who translate his 2 boys weekly escapades into print.

Sengkang Babies Verified 29.9K

One of the pioneer Daddy Blogger and a productive one too (4 kids!) . Andy is one of the friendliest blogger and will always bring you fun !

The Loving Mum Verified 28.1k

Mommy C Shares fun experiences, stories and adventures on her two charming daughters.

Life Tiny Miracles Verified 16.9k

Fronted by Angie and David , this couple captured beautiful moments on their collection of reflections about parenthood, marriage and family.

Our Little Smarties Verified 16.1k

Happy and fun family blog. Emily provides parenting tips, travel ideas, kids activities and home inspiration.

Bumble Bee Mum Estimated 15k

Stay home mum who does not stay home.Well known for her indoor playground reviews.

Sakura Haraku Estimated 8k
Winner of Singapore Blog Award 2013 for best family blog. Ai captures life beautiful yet fleeting moments on her blog.

Our Parenting World Estimated 8k

This is a collection of stories, ideas , fun activities and adventures that parents can explore and do together with their children.

Etrangle Estimated 8 K

An ex school teacher. Diah Mastura Roslan blogs about her family. She is, in her own words, obsessed about her 3 daughters and would take every opportunity to post their photos on her blog.

Mad Psych Mum Estimated 6k

For tips on nursing , travel, art and psychology ,this is the place to go as Madeline shares her journey as a mom to 2.

A Happy Mum Estimated 5k
Summer blogs about motherhood, DIY crafts, travelling and family life .

Gingerbread Mum Estimated 5k
Adora spins a story about once a carefree man, a once-organised woman and 2 kids that changed all that.
Adrian Tan Verified 4.5K
Author, speaker and recipient of HR Entrepreneur of the year in 2013. Oh he is a dad too and does occasional posts on parenting.

Ed Unloaded Estimated 4k

A familiar face on the local blog scene , Ed has appeared on TV and magazines. Blogs about parenting , milestones , adventures and challenges about a Father with 3 kids.

A Juggling Mom Estimated 4K

Susan captures parenting lessons and favourite memories to remind herself that parenting is the toughest yet most rewarding job.

Mother Inc Estimate 4k
A true wordsmith . She made a simple post about her children ( she has 4!) antics humorous and worth a read. Winner of Singapore Blog Award 2011 for best family blog.

Ingspirations Estimated 4K

Mom of 3, sharing her thoughts and experiences on motherhood/parenting, fun stuff she does with her kids, and once in a while, the more serious stuff such as education.

J babies Estimate 3k
Mummy Kless documents the happy moments of her 2 daughters .You'll read about interesting and fun places in Singapore that families can explore together, and their experiences growing up!

Simply Mommie Estimated 3 K

Freelance writer and mom of two who shares parenting hits and misses, fun and educational activities and recipes for the family.

Mother Kao Estimated 3 K

Mother Kao shares her Motherhood Journey and plan to use the blog to keep memories for her children.

Dino Mama Estimated 2.8k
FTWM sharing family life, parenting experiences , books recommendations and arts/ craft.

Kids R Simple Estimated 2k
FTWM to 3kids, sharing tears, laughter and simple truths of the joy and hardship of parenting.

Mumseword Estimated 2k
Jiahui is a working mum of 3 primary school kids. The blog journals her parenting journey.

Blogfather Estimated 1.1k
Singapore most brutally honest and humourous take on parenthood . Winston no holds bar take on experiences is sometimes controversial, sometimes though provoking and most times funny.

# synopsis of each blogs are derived in parts or full by description of each individual blog owners on public domain. Screenshots obtained from Similar Web as of 6 July 2015. is not accountable for any inaccuracies in the numbers provided. This list is not representative of actual page views per blog. It is best advisable to consult the blog owners on the actual figures. All information above are from public domain and avaliable to anyone at SimilarWeb.

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