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Happy 50th Birthday Singapore

Happy Birthday Singapore.

Today marks a milestone in your youthful history.

You are 50 today. 

This year marks a bittersweet celebration. On one hand, we had achieved a significant milestone. On the other, we lost the founding Father whose vision had made this day possible. 

Mr Lee Kuan Yew will be miss on this day. Nonetheless his passing had bond Singaporeans in ways that would be described as simply amazing.

I had witnessed how Singaporeans , young and old , come together as one during the mourning period. 

One People, One Nation.
One People One Nation
You may be 'young' in terms of a country's age , but you had come a long way since you are born.
Today towering skyscrapers defines your skyline. An accomplishment that makes many proud and others envious. In less than 50 years, you earn your right to be a First World Country. Modern, clean , efficient, green and safe are words that are synonymous with you.

Not only you had become a nation, you had created an identity for the early migrants. Today the young children of Singapore calls you home.We are proud to have you as our Motherland.
In recent years, the identity might have been diluted with the influx of external talents. We fear in time we may become strangers in our own land. Let's hope for the sake of our future generation, we would retain our rightful birthright as sons and daughters. You are not a playground for the rich and famous, you are a place where our lives depends on... You are our home. Use this occasion to reflect on our future. It is not merely an event to showcase our achievements, but one that remind us of our roots. 

You may be a tiny red dot in this whole world, but you made good and stood tall and strong. A multi nation country that prides itself on racial harmony. A nation that upholds democracy, peace, progress, justice and equality. 

May your children who stand with you share the same tenacity, spirit and values. May we, our children and grandchildren be proud to be known as Singaporean today, 50 years onwards and many decades to come.

Happy Birthday Singapore.

Happy Birthday Singaporeans.

Majulah Singapore.


  1. Happy Birthday to one of the youngest yet most progressive countries in the world... and one of my favorite too :) May your country be continuously progressive and become a home to everyone, including much of my fellowmen who found better lives in your homeland. Sad for us but we can only be happy for them. Hopefully, I will be able to visit your country for the second time :)

    1. Thanks for your well wishes Diane and do visit us soon !


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