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What is in the NDP Funpack?

50 different designs
NDP is just a few days away.
For those who are allocated the golden tickets , here is a sneak peek of what to expect for NDP Funpack.

NDP Bags Designs ( Source : SG50)
This year, there are 50 different designs for the Funpack. Being SG50, each household was allocated one Fun Pack to be collected before NDP. The contents of the Funpack will differ slightly from the NDP Funpack.
For the record , we think the best 3 designs are the Dragon Playground, Merlion and HDB flat.
What is in the Funpack?
NDP 2015 Fun pack contents
Here is quick snap of what is in the Funpack. Do note the Funpacks were packed by volunteers , so relax if you find one or two items missing.
Feeling Hungry?
Food for NDP
There are some munchies and food for the NDP. Since the whole event can last for a long as 5 hours, they are great to fend off hunger pangs.

Food items as follows
1) Mineral Water
2) Newater
3) Yeo Chyrsanthemum
4) Vanilla Bread
5) Nostalgic snacks (2 items)
6) Biscuit
7) lozenges

Tissues and wet tissues are avaliable too. Don't forget the $30 dining voucher on the tissue pack. In case of rain, raincoat is also provided.

NDP Souvenirs
The main differences between the normal fun pack and NDP Funpack are the extra parade souvenirs.

1) Ballon Light
2) Hat
3) Foldable fan
4) SG 50 Singapore scarf
5) Golden Jubilee book
6) Mini Singapore flag
7) Luggage tag
8) Badge
9) Nostalgic games x 2
10) SG 50 Singas

Our Golden Jubilee Book
Of the lot, the Golden Jubilee book is worth keeping.
Nostalgic Games
And if you happen to snag a Singapore flag eraser, keep it. It is priceless as seen from this video...

15 Singa Designs - Source SG50
Lastly the Singas are a nice touch. There are 15 to be collected.
Fret not if you do not have a Singa , you can always purchase them from The Kindness Gallery (140 Hill Street #01-09 Singapore 179369). They will be available for sale individually as well as in a collector’s box set.
That's a wrap for a sneak peek into the SG 50 NDP Funpack!

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