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NDP 2015 @ The Float : Celebrations by the Bay Guide

NDP : Celebrations by the Bay
Do you have NDP tickets?

For some Singaporeans, NDP tickets are a coveted treasure. Given that this is Singapore''s 50th birthday, it promises to be an event that would be much more special than the 49 NDP before it. It is no surprise that getting a seat in the Padang will be the Golden Ticket that evaded most Singaporeans due to it's limited seating.
This year, the balloting for NDP tickets is open for more than one location. Other than the Padang, Singaporeans can opt for a seat at The Float to be part of the celebration. We missed the allocation but lucky enough to be invited to The Float for NDP preview. It may not be the Padang but this is where you get to see most of the key highlights of NDP up close. For those who are into aerial display and fireworks, these are the best seats of the house!

Not sure what to expect when you are on the Float?

Here is a quick guide

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To get to the Float, you can take MRT to the Float. Depending on where you are seated, there are different entry points for different colour coded seats. During our preview, this was not strictly enforced, but it may be a different story for the actual day. The closest MRT are Bay Front, Esplanade and Promenade.

If you are driving, park at Marina Square. It was relatively easy for us to get a spot on that day.Upon reaching the Float, queue for your NDP Fun pack and find a seat. Seats are first come first serve and you will be seated by rows ( No Free Seating)
Wear a Hat
As you should be seated before 5, the sun will be blazing. Do wear comfortable Red / White outfit to suit the occasion.

No hat?

No worries. There is one in the funpack. There is also a raincoat in the event of rain.

Get seated and enjoy the atmosphere
Pre parade shows
There will be some pre-parade shows at the Float. It may not be as grand as the Padang but it kept the mood up for the main event.

You may not be at the Padang, but you will get to see live telecast from the 4 giant screens at The Float
The Padang
The Crowd is ready to celebrate!
Wave your flags
Before you know it , it will be time to wave the flags and look up!

At about 530, the Red Lions will descend marking the start of the celebration.

They may not be landing at the platform this time round, but you do get one of the best vantage points from The Float.

Tribute to Lee Kuan Yew

This is the first time in 50 years that our founding father Lee Kuan Yew will not be present at the celebration. There is a fitting tribute to him. His place in the NDP is mark by flowers in his presence.
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This also marks the start of the aerial display. For timing of the aerial displays, check out our post on the Best Place to watch NDP Fireworks
5 Start Tribute
Next up is the Vintage parade. This is a first for NDP as it seeks to replicate the original parade held in the Padang in 1966. Watch out for the policemen in Tei Kor''( short pants)

Watch out for the SQ girls in the parade. When that segment is up, you will see a Singapore Airlines A380 deck in Singapore colours up in the sky.

This is the first time a commercial flight is involved in a flypast!

After the SQ flypast, the actions heads back to the Padang.

There was not much for us to do at The Float during this segment.

The action picks up when the President arrives.

This is when Marina Bay comes alive again with the flying past of the National Flag. Time to stand up and recite the Pledge.

This was followed vy the spectacular Salute to the Nation.

The precision flying of the number 50 is a sight to behold.

Next up is the 21 gun salute

Being at the float, you got a 180 degree view of Marina Bay where all the actions are. This is the best seat in the house at Marina Bay.

A series of aerial displays marks the end of this segment.

As the Sun sets, we wait for the next segment of NDP

As performances began to stream live on the big screen, our attention were temporary distracted by the appearance of NDP 2015 mobile column.

Comprising of 28 mean machines, it was a sight to behold.

The crowd gave a loud cheer of appreciation to the men in green.

Night falls and before you know it , the finale beckons.

Before that you have local stars Stephanie Sun and JJ Lin serenading us with National Day songs.
Stephanie Sun
The crowd stood still as we sang the National Anthem with our hearts out.
Majulah Singapore
The spectacular Fireworks marked the end of the celebration. This year the Fireworks have not one but 3 different locations . There will be Fireworks at the Marina Barrage, Marina Bay and the Padang. There were even fireworks from buildings!

A spectacular sight to mark the end of NDP
For the lucky ones on the Float, the party had just began. There was a mini concert with a series of short performances from local singers both young and old.

To cap off a fantastic evening, Marina Bay joined in the celebration with a wonderful array of lights.
Red Marina Bay
It was a wonderful way to end the evening. The boys truly enjoyed themselves during the event. It may be a preview, but to us, we had been a part of SG50. As Singaporeans , we could not ask for more. It is not about performances , the aerial displays or the fireworks, but it is about celebrating this day with fellow Singaporeans. Given that Singaporeans are a reserved lot ... coming together at one place, singing our hearts out, giving our loudest cheer , appreciating each other during the show was heartwarming.

Choping seats with tissues or speaking Singlish may be frown upon. Nonetheless it is these traits that made us who we are. If we can embrace both strengths and flaws, we can appreciate what we had achieved over the past 50 years. For this week, let's put differences and grievances aside and celebrate as one.

Majulah Singapore!
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