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Skyline Luge Sentosa : 10-tastic ways to celebrate!

Skyline Luge Sentosa turns 10!
How time flies... and last weekend was our FIRST time on the Skyline Luge. As the saying goes, it is better late than never. We may be 10 years late, but we give the decade-old attraction a 10 out of 10 for its awesomeness.
Skyline Luge Sentosa 10th Anniversary

Since Skyline Luge is celebrating its 10th anniversary, here are 10tantastic ways to enjoy Sentosa's speedy ride.

1 Go there early
Queues get longer and longer as the day gets a little older. Even after a decade, there are as many as 4000 rides daily!

To enjoy your day to the fullest, go early. Of course, it also helps to beat the extreme Sun from 11 -3 pm.

2 Wear the right clothes
Talking about Sun, dressing right is the best way to enjoy a hot day. So, in Singapore, do what the locals do; Berms and T-shirts are the way to go for this ride.

You can leave your full leather biker suit at home. It's speedy, but you do not need it for this ride.

3 Be Brave

There is always a first time.
The reason why we delayed so long was that I did not think the boys were ready. So let's 5 speedy rides down the hill; the 'concern' was placed on the back burner.
4 Safety First
Pull back to stop!
The luge ride down the slope is safe. It is safe enough for a 6-year-old to ride (as recommended). Nonetheless, safety will only come if you adhere to its standards. Thus wear your helmet, listen to the instructions and ride safe.
Look out for the speedy Gonzales along the way, and best give way to them rather than block them.
Helmets on
5 Get the right package
Get a package
Let the slogan goes, ' Once is never enough '!
We do recommend you take the packages instead of a single ride. It is more worthwhile. 5 Luge and 5 Skyrides cost $38 vs 1 Luge and 1 Skyride at $17. Do the maths!
6 Enjoy the View
Enjoy the ride up
The thrill starts the moment you sit on the Skyride. Since it was our first time at Skyline Luge, the ride up on our maiden trip was a tad 'scary'. Something about dangling your legs in an open cabin up in the sky makes one's knees weak.
Nonetheless, it gets better with more trips up. So when your fears subside, look around and enjoy the spectacular view. We swear the ride can be as tall as cable rides at some point!
What a view
7 Pose and Smile
Pose and Smile
Once your nerves are settled, remember to pose and smile.
There are 2 photo points. One is up the Skyride, and the other is at the Luge. Do remember to pose for them if you want one for a souvenir.

8 Choose your route and your speed!

Jungle or Dragon T
When you are ready to ride, there will be 2 paths.
Choose between the 688 meters long Dragon trail or the 628 meters long Jungle trail. Our personal preference is for the Dragon trail.
Take a leisure cruise down or race down like a speed demon. With its unique and easy-to-control steering and braking system, you own how you want to ride.

9 Enjoy the awesomeness
Remember to let your hair loose and unwind. The smiles on the boy's face after the ride say it all.

10 Go during the 10-tastic birthday celebration for 10-tastic deals
Since Skyline Luge Sentosa is celebrating its 10 birthday from 21 Aug to 30 Aug, look for 10-tactic deals and events
  • 10-tastic deals
All day: 50% off Luge license membership
Individuals $25, families of 4 $60
10am-1030am: free photo with every purchase of 5 Luge & Skyride combo
12-1230pm: $10 off each 'Ten-ride family pass.'
2-230pm:$10 off a single photo purchase
4-430 pm: $10 for two Luge & ride combo upgrades.
  • 10-tastic Carnival
Enjoy free activities like games, caricatures, balloon sculpting stalls, popcorn and exclusive Luge 10th anniversary tattoo giveaways. For all guests, the carnival will be held between 2 pm and 6 pm on weekdays and 1030am to 230 pm on weekends.
Games stall
  • Spot the Luge Helmet Contest
There will be a Spot the Luge Helmet contest. Win attractive tickets for Skyline Luge and Skyrides by spotting a person wearing a Luge helmet who will be roaming various parts of Singapore from 21-30 Aug.
To qualify, take a selfie with the person and post it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #luge #skyride #skylinelugesentosa #onceisneverenough #luge10tastic
Once is never enough.
So head down to Skyline Luge Sentosa this week to enjoy the ride!

The Little Details
Skyline Luge Sentosa
45 Siloso Beach Walk
Beach station / Beach carpark
Located between Imbiah lookout and Siloso beach 

Sponsored Disclaimer
TWD was invited to the celebration event.

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