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Warner Brothers Movie World Gold Coast for kids

Movie World Gold Coast
Before Universal Studios Singapore, Movie World Gold Coast was the place to go for your movie related thrill rides in South East Asia and the Pacific. Movie world has been one of the many theme parks found on Gold Coast and perhaps one of the most popular one for kids.

Find out why as we explore Movie World Gold Coast for kids!

The Rides
Justice League 3 D ride
My last trip to Movie World was a good 6 years back. We were glad that there had been new rides added to the park since. Let's kick off with one of the newest ride Justice League 3D - The Ride
Justice League 3D - The Ride
Hall of Justice
Enter the Hall of Justice and fight with the Justice League to battle the evil villain Starro. You will be in a transportation pod that sits 4. Armed with laser guns and 3D glasses , you are ready for battle after a briefing from Cyborg.

This ride was pretty similar to the 'ride and shoot' rides found in other parts. The 3D and the Justice League theme gives it a legs up and will please DC fans. A pretty mild rides that anyone above 90cm can ride

Trill Factor : 3.5/5

Scooby Doo Spooky Rollercoaster
Scooby Doo Spooky Rollvercoaster
An indoor roller coaster ride that comes complete with laser lighting and sound effects. It's dark so you can't see where you are going. Get ready to be spook at every turn!

You need to be a minimum of 110 cm to ride, so smaller kids may not be able to enjoy the ride

Thrill Factor : 4/5

Wild West Fall Adventure
Wild West fall adventure
Ride past ghost towns, hold on to your cowboy hats and get ready for the big splash! A ride meant to thrill and spill as you head down the goldmine at a speed of 70km/h.

Minimum 95cm to ride.

Thrill Factor : 4.5/5

Kids WB!
Kids WB
Need some milder rides for younger kids? Head down to Kids WB! for the kiddy version of thrill rides in the park. This section is great for kids from 3-6.

Sylvester's Pounce N Bounce
Sylvester's Pounce and Bounce
Kids WB! answer to Batman's Spaceshot.

Trill Factor : 2.5/5

Road runner Rollercoaster
Road runner Rollercoaster
Need a faster ride?

The Road Runner Roller coaster is a great way to introduce kids to the world of roller coasters. With top speed at 40km/h,this ride is no pushover. Adults and kids would love this ride.
Get ready for the plunge!
You need to be at a height of min 100cm to ride this . 

Trill Factor : 4/5
Zoom !
Junior Driving school
Junior Driving school,
Another new addition to Movie World. This indoor ride allows the young ones to drive through the streets of mini Movie World.

Minimum height is at 90cm. You can ride on your own if you are over 100cm. Adults can ride on their own too.

Trill Factor : 2.5/5
Need for speed
Speedy Gonzales Tijuana Taxis
Speedy Gonzales Tijuana Taxis
Younger kids who cannot ride on their on at the Junior Driving School can hop on to Speedy Gonzales Tijuana Taxis for a one direction ride around the course. Little ones need not envy their bigger siblings anymore as they become their own driver in this ride.

Trill Factor : 1.5/5
'Speeding' down the track
Sylvester & Tweety Cages
Sylvester & Tweety cages
This is perhaps the 'safest' ride in Kids WB! Hop on into the cages for a spin!

Trill Factor : 1/5

Looney Tunes Carousel

The Carousel is always a kid's favourite. Hop on to a Looney Tues character for a merry go round.
Trill Factor : 2/5
Looney Tunes Splash Zone
Looney Tunes Splash Zone

Need to cool down?The Splash zone allows that.

Trill Factor : 2.5/5 , 0/5 if you did not bring extra clothes during winter season!

Need a break from the sun?

There is an arcade by Intencity in Movie World. Play the usual arcade fare, collect tons of tickets in exchange for a prize. From arcade games to claw catchers to old school fan fare games and bumper cars, you will find something to entertain the little ones.
Swop your tickets for a prize!
Meet and Greet

Movie World tie up with DC means you have a chance for a photo opportunity with your favourite DC heros. From Batman to the Justice League, the kids would have fun to pose with them. However not all characters are there and we miss Superman during our trip.
Don't forget to pose with the characters from Looney Tunes too!

Need to catch your breath after the rides?
There are shows at Movie World that allows you this little luxury.

Hollywood Stunt Drivers 2
Hollywood Stunt Drivers 2
Catch Aussie Showtime FMX in this stunt show filled with action pack car chases. Be there early to catch a seat. Be warn though it can get a little smokey in the front seats.

RIO - 4D The Experience

Take a trilling 4 d journey with Blu and Jewel, the last blue Macaws on earth.

Main Street Entertainment
Batman vs Joker
From sideshows such as Batman vs Joker to the Star parade where the stars parade in their vehicles, Main Street promises to be the venue to be for star gazing.
The Star Parade may not be as glamorous as Disney shows, but with the presence of Catwoman and Batman, it does trill the little ones.

Sit up close on the street for a chance to high five your favourite DC characters.
Good Job Batman
Other Rides
Adult rides in Gold Coast
For the adults and older kids, up the trill factor with Superman Escape, Arkham Asylum, Batwing Spaceshot and Green Lantern Coaster. Most rides require at least a minimum of 140 cm so younger kids would not be able to be on it ( unless you have a very very tall kid)

Don't forget to buy your souvenir while you are there.Our personal favourite souvenir from theme parks are the popcorn buckets unique to each park.
Zooming into Movie World
A day in Movie World is probably not enough , we recommend you to get the VIP Magic pass for unlimited entries during your stay for up to 3 or more attractions. Depending on the deal, you can get one that is just AUD 10 more than a normal ticket to a single attraction. We got our tickets from Experience Oz that added an additional attraction for bonus.

Worth every cent!

The Little Details

Warner Brothers Movie World

Pacific Motorway
Gold Coast
Queensland 4210

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  1. While I haven't been to Movie World in a while, I don't think any of the attractions have been put to storage! Looks just about right what I remember them having there! Haha!


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