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AXA SmartFamily Launch

AXA SmartFamily enters the arena of insurance with a bang!

When we received the invitation to the AXA product launch, it was a mystery to what we were about to witness. In fact with the boxing glove, we were kind of envisioning a boxing arena where celebrities would fight among each other to see who will be the last man/woman standing.

This certainly piqued our interest on AXA SmartFamily, which is a personal accident plan for the family.

There was no ring ala 'Rocky' where the event is held. Instead in its place, there was a stage whereby celebrities 'boxers', Beatrice Chia and Suhami Yusof, together with their sidekicks took on each other via a talkshow segment base on their knowledge of AXA SmartFamily.
Game on!

Hosted by 'referee' Adrian Pang, this had already set itself to be the biggest product launch 'showdown' that we had witnessed for a bit.

The questions were based on AXA SmartFamily 8 services designed to minimise disruption to daily life during various stages of recovery. These are benefits that we noted are the first in Singapore and thus a little understanding of it will be useful.

As the boxers step into the 'ring' they are all ready to rumble.
Can you say ' Mama gonna knock you down'
Mama gonna knock you down!

In the end, Beatrice triumphed with her quick wits and deadly defense.

As for us, each benefits of AXA SmartFAmily was played out by the fantastic cast from AXA. Compared to power-point presentation of the past, this was one super entertaining product presentation.

There was even a bonus song performance by Jill-Marie Thomas.

It does felt like we are attending a glamour event judging by the stars that turn out from Fly Entertainment. Can you spot them?
Stars from Fly Entertainment
In the end , we walk away with a clear understanding of AXA SmartFamily to share with our readers.

What is AXA SmartFamily?

AXA SmartFamily is a personal accident plan with a twist. On top of the standard financial benefits, AXA SmartFamily also offers a suite of 8 services to address the worries about finances, post hospital recuperation and disruptions to daily lifestyle.

AXA SmartFamily Benefits

The AXA SmartFamily's 8 service
    1. Child Guardian - Arranging and paying to fetch your children to and from school.
    2. Home Nursing - Arranging and paying for a nurse to attend to your follow up treatments or therapy at home.
    3. Consultation with a Therapist- Making appointments and payment for you therapy or rehabilitation service.
    4. Doctor's Home Visits - Arranging and paying for a doctor's visit to your follow up treatments
    5. Home Modification - Arranging and paying for a modification to your home to accommodate your disability.
    6. Transportation for Medical Appointments - Arranging and paying for transportation (i.e. Taxis) to the hospitals/clinics for follow up treatments.
    7. Housekeeping & Meal Services - Arranging and paying for professional house cleaning and meal services.
    8. Consultation with a Psychologist - Making appointments and payment on your behalf for psychologist consultations .
    Build a happy home!
    Freedom of coverage choice
    Choose between 3 different ranges of sum insured ($250,000, $500,000 and $1 million) to suit your needs

    Only one overall coverage cap per plan
    There are no cap to the benefits rendered. Customer self-monitor and track the costs they would like to claim , as long as it is within the total coverage they purchased

    Cashless payment
    Upfront payments will be cashless for customers via AXA Assistance Network

    Each adult will be covered at 100% of the sum assured while each kid will be covered at 50% of sum assured. Coverage is for 2 adults and unlimitless number of children within the family!

    Annual Premiums

    Plan 1 :$250,000
    Plan 2 $500,000
    Plan 3 $1,000,00
    Annual Premium/Adult
    *As of Sep 2015

    • 30% Family Discounts
    When 2 adults sign up (with or without kids)
    • Early Bird Discount by 31 December 2014
    From now to 31 December 2015, there will be 10% discount off premiums for any family or individual purchase.

    Parents vs Experts. Who's knows best?
    As parents , we always want the best for the family. Getting AXA SmartFAmily plan would naturally be on top of parents mind. To end off , we would like to share a video on the difference between a parent's opinion vs an expert opinion. This is a social experiment video online to leverage on online conversations. For this, two teams comprising parents and seasoned product design experts are gathered to re-design the safest household products frequently used by parents and children. A blind test is then conducted with a separate group of parents who are asked to pick their favourite design from the two teams.

    Guess which team wins?
    Click the video and see the results.

    For more information on AXA Singapore and AXA SmartFamily, please visit

    This is a media invitation by AXA.

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