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Johnson's Baby active fresh Shampoo Review

As parents, we love to hug our little ones. We enjoy the 'baby smells' that comes from our children. However after a day of activities in hot and humid Singapore, the 'baby smells' are likely to disappear. As much as we love our children, hugging a sweaty and a potentially smelly one may not be every parent's desire.

If only there is a solution to keep active children from staying fresh for a longer time...

Johnson's Baby Active Fresh technology addresses this and promises longer lasting freshness for longer play through their range of bath products for kids.The Active Fresh technology offers 3 benefits. They absorb body sweat, neutralizes malodor and releases long lasting fragrance

Johnson's baby Active Fresh shampoo is the latest Active Fresh range that hits the selves. This is a mild, easy lather and non-irritable formula that is uniquely infused with ACTIVE FRESH technology that prevents dirt from sticking to the hair and keeps hair clean and fresh
Johnson's baby Active Fresh shampoo has also the Johnson's traditional "No More Tears"formula that tells parents the product is gentle and mild for the little ones.

We recommend the use of the Active Fresh shampoo with Johnson's Baby Active Fresh bath and Johnson's Baby powder. The Active Fresh Bath can be used every day in a child's bath routine while the Active Fresh Powder is ideally to be used before active play. The combination of the products gives the child a fruity berry powdery musk scent . The Active Fresh powder also releases a long lasting freshness through its sweat-activated fragrance that release a fresh burst of fragrance upon contact with sweat With these scents lingering even after a long day of play, it is a little investment that promises longer freshness for the day.
Johnson's Baby ACTIVE FRESH
With such benefits, it is hard for parents to resist the use of it. Especially if we could keep hugging our sweaty yet sweet smelling kids!
Johnson's Baby Active Fresh Shampoo
Johnson's Baby ACTIVE FRESH Shampoo is retailing for $9.95 for the 500ml and $4.50 for the 200ml version.Get one so that your child to smell irresistibly fresh longer.

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