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JBL Flip 3 : Review + Giveaway

Are you ready for a house party?

The past few weeks, we had been cooped up at home due to the haze. This does not mean we cannot have a good time in our abode. With the new JBL Flip 3, you could have a party anywhere any time!

JBL Flip 3 is the latest wireless speaker in the award-winning Flip series. We had been fans of JBL and had their JBL Charge 2. Thanks to JBL, we had a chance to see how the little brethren perform. So get ready to boogie with the beat!

The Features

This little pocket party is a comprehensive portable Bluetooth speaker that promises a room-filling sound anyway. Unlike portable speakers of the past, this little beast is powered by a 3000mAH rechargeable Li-On battery that offers 10 hours of continuous play, giving a whole new meaning to dance till you drop.

JBL Features
The lightweight JBL Flip 3 comes in 7 different colours (Black, grey, blue, red, orange, teal and pink). For the record, the one featured here is teal. 

Other notable features include speakerphone connectivity and a line-in for music devices. Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity is a whopping 10 meters which give you the flexibility to blast your music from multiple rooms. You can also link multiple JBL Connect speakers to give it a surround amplified sound effect, thereby expanding the range and giving you the possibility of having a bigger party anywhere.

The JBL Flip 3 is splash-proof with a flap that securely covers the USB and audio inputs. This means you can bring this unit into a shower without worries. Don't soak it in the bathtub though as we can guarantee it will probably sink and stop working.

Use it flat or standing upright. We think the flat option is better as the bass would be a tad better.

The JBL Speakers comes with a lanyard that allows you to hand the speaker anywhere. In addition, it comes with a USB charger cable. There is no wall plug, so you would rely on another wall plug to charge.

The unit cost price is at SGD179 and can be found in most major electronic retailers.
JBL USB Charger

JBL Flip 3 vs JBL Charge 2
JBL charge 2
We had the JBL Charge 2 before the JBL Flip 3. Comparatively the JBL Charge 2 produces a louder and fuller sound given its bigger watt capacity. The JBL Flip 3 does not come with JBL Charge 2 external charger option, but the former has additional JBL Connect Technology and splashproof features.

Coming in at 450 g vs the heavier 540g, the JBL Flip 3 will be our preferred travel companion. The smaller footprint also works in its favour.

Top 5 uses for JBL Flip 3

Why do you need the JBL Flip 3?

We give you 5 good reasons why this is a must-have item in your electronic arsenal.

1) A travel companion
Travel Companion

When you are travelling, a wireless speaker is a must. Not only does it provide you entertainment throughout the stay, but with internet streaming of local radio stations, it brings you a little bit of home with you. After all, not all countries provide English or Chinese radio stations with a decent playlist.

2) Use as a speakerphone
Speaker Phone

Hello, hello, hello?

Sure your phone comes with the speaker option, but at times the volume can be quite underwhelming. The JBL Flip 3 comes with noise and echo-cancelling speakerphone that would make hands-free conversation a pleasure to make. 

Needless to say, no more ' hello, hello, hello? '

3) A mini party anywhere
Mini Party
In your room, in the living room, the balcony, the kitchen, the storeroom. Party anywhere, anytime with the JBL Flip 3. Simply connect and on.
Shiok right?

4) Bring it outdoors

Bring the JBL outdoor for the BBQ session in the East Coast, the picnic at Marina Barrage or even the beach or pool. With its portability, it will be a good companion for all the outdoor excursions.

5) Use in the shower

Last but not least, bring it to the shower. With its splash-proof feature, it means a long lingering shower every time. Unwind and relax under the shower to your favourite tunes in the background without skipping a beat.

Either that or have your own karaoke session in the bathroom. We cannot guarantee the neighbours will not complain!


Do you want to get your hands on the JBL Flip 3?

There is one set to be given away by JBL, simply leave a comment on why you would like to win the JBL Flip 3 on either this post, our Facebook post or our Instagram features on JBL Flip 3 and stand to win!*

Simple right?

The more comments you make, the higher the chances of winning!

Congrats to Wendy Yun ( Facebook Entry)
Do send us your mailing address and contact information for delivery!

* Terms and conditions
  • There are a total of 6 reviewers of JBL Flip 3 selected from this campaign. The winner will be chosen from any of the comments left on the blog, Facebook or Instagrams of any of the 6 reviewers
  • Winner will be contacted directly via the platform where comments where left, so do remember to leave your contact details in your comments!
  • Open to residents of Singapore only
  • Giveaway closes 30 Oct
Sponsored Disclaimer
TWD were provided a unit for review


  1. I love the teal color! It's so pretty! And jbl speakers are so solid!

  2. I would love to win the JBL Flip 3 because it is portable and easy to travel around with. It will definitely be the center of attraction with the beautiful teal colour. Perfect for mommy and daddy's gathering or even my little ones playdate!

  3. My boy will be all smile if i can win this for him.Usually he will listen to his favourite music from my hp but sadly its not loud so he needs to use an earpiece.Hope to win this so he can listen to the music with his siblings and dance to the music.

  4. Love the vibrant color! And it's easy to bring it around + it's waterproof too! Awesome =)

    Email : junelee_1980@yahoo.com

  5. JBL Flip is the coolest speaker that I really want to win. I am party goer person and JBL flip can make my adrenaline shoot up once the music mode on. Boring sitting waiting for public transport, I just need to took out JBL Flip and connect to my handphone . JBL flip can be my companion wherever I go and I really want own it. Pleaseeeee

  6. Wha! How timely! With this JBL Flip 3 speakers I don't have to bring my phone into the showers to listen to music anymore! I wish to sing in the showers without having to worry about the water getting into the gadget. ;D

  7. Recently I had a staycation at W Sentosa and I had piped in music into the bathroom .. It was just too awesome .. With this JBL flip I can have the same experience at home like in W Sentosa!

  8. Sounds like music to my ears! Splendid gadget and I am not leaving home without it, if I win it

  9. i can bring this to me to the shower and rock it out inside!
    also can blast it in my room when im doing chores..
    solid option

  10. I'd love to win this speaker as I would like to upgrade from my current JBL wireless speaker. I've always been interested in getting the flip 3 but couldn't really afford it so now's the chance for me to actually get one. I'd be overjoyed if I really do win this as I really love music and listening to music is my greatest hobby. Thank you.

    email: huiijun309@gmail.com

  11. cool colour! Love it! Regards Lin Meibing.

  12. I love the "Top 5 Uses" section to describe how you can enjoy the Flip 3. Great sharing!

  13. I love the waterproof feature of the JBL Flip 3! Can bring it anywhere without spoiling it!

  14. Well.. how cool can you be if you don't own the JBL Flip 3?

    With its bottle size alike, you might grab it wrongly thinking it's your juice while at the picnic..

    Hello Mum! Can never be as clear as before..

    Who needs multiple phone to sync and play music at the sametime just to get awesome loudness and clear music when JBL Flip 3 can does the job well.

    With JBL Flip 3, Life will never live like yesterday.

  15. I love to have JBL Flip 3 to

    J..Jump up high with excitement
    B..Bring on the party anywhere to everywhere
    L.. Love all the features from wireless to water proof

    F.. Fortunate to have it
    L..Longing to have a perfect speaker
    I.. Innovative with awesome quality
    P..Perfect for every occasion from outing to pool parties..

    3.. cheers for awesome giveaway .. Thanks a lot

  16. My old beloved black color JBL Flip just broke a week ago, it dropped hard from a high table when my family was having small BBQ party with friends. We used to bring it anywhere for outdoor family events. It gave us so many good memories.

    For the last week, we missed so much the morning music in our home. We like to play classic music almost everyday after getting up till all of us going to school/work.

    We have been discussing about purchasing new FLIP for a few days, and then I happen to see this post. I love the color and waterproof feature of the new JBL FLIP 3. All of my family members will be overjoyed if I can get a new FLIP 3 to replace my broken FLIP, which has given us so much fun.

    email: oahcchao@gmail.com

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