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Top 10 Pre-Travel essential items for holidays


It's the time of the year again to plan for the well-deserved year end trip. By now, most would already have booked the airline tickets and the hotels. If you have not, don't wait till the last minute as seats are probably limited to most popular tourist destination.

Before you head for the holidays that you had booked, there are still some things you need to prepare before the big trip. Fret not as we bring you the pre-travel essential items checklist to prepare you for the holidays.

1 Travel Itinerary
Flight over Mount Fuji
Plan, plan, plan.

If you are going with a tour group, great. Just pack your bags and go.
If not, do start your planning for your free and easy trip. Plan your attraction destination, travel options, budget and even alternative plans for a rainy day. Make those necessary bookings early for day trip or attractions and you might save a bundle before the trip

Tip: Book online as you can get better rates than walk in.

2 Book a Wifi Router
Changi Recommends outbound wifi router

The first item on our list is the Wifi router from Change Recommends. Having used overseas SIM cards as well as the Wifi router, we think the Wifi router trumps the former with its ease of use and flexibility. Instead of buying multiple SIM cards, you can connect up to 8 devices the moment you land in your destination!

Price from $12 per day upwards, depending on destination, it makes a great companion for you to stay connected. Do check out their ongoing promotions that offers the rate of $5 upwards per day depending on destination.

Tip: Book Early to secure a unit

3 Travel insurance
Ace Travel Insurance
Another must have before any trip is Travel Insurance.
From experiences, travel insurance is an essential travel need rather than a good to have. We had baggage delays, fallen ill and even been burgled during our vacations, Thankfully travel insurance covered the partial loss, turning a potentially unpleasant incident into a non-event.
If you are booking your Wifi router from Changi Recommends, why not getting a travel insurance with them. Rent an overseas travel wifi and get 25% off travel insurance when you purchase it right after your reservation. Alternatively get a free prepaid SIM Card ( either Hong Kong or Thailand) when you purchase travel insurance to either of the countries. The travel insurance is a partnership with Ace Travel Insurance.
It covers the following and more :
  • Coverage in the event of natural disasters
  • Receive a cash payout in the event of travel delay when overseas
  • Coverage for loss or damage of personal property and baggage
  • Coverage for your home contents while you are overseas
  • Reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses in the event of journey cancellation
  • Coverage for loss of jewellery in the event of robbery, theft or burglary during your time abroad
  • Coverage in the event of baggage delay
  • 24-hour emergency phone assistance
Tip : Get you Travel insurance here before you leave for the trip!

4 Update Travel Documents
Update Passports
In case you are unaware, passports have to be valid for at least 6 months prior to departure. Do check your travel documents before you make the trip.

Tip : Given that you need a few weeks to get it renew, don't wait till the last minute to renew your passport.

5 Hotel Transfer
Book your ride
When you book hotels on your own, there will be times when airport transfers are not included. So remember to book in advance especially if you decide to choose the self-drive option for your trip.

Tip: Advance booking are sometimes discounted, so early birds do catch the worms.

6 Check the weather
Check the weather
In Singapore there is only one season, so you probably would not bother much about choice of clothes. However if you are travelling to a country with seasons, do check the weather. There were instances when people actually mistaken the wrong season and packed summer clothes for winter (this is especially so if you are traveling to Australia)

Checking the weather will also allow you to plan in advance the activities you would like to do during the holidays.

Tip: Check the 7 or 14 days forecast to plan for a longer trip

7 Get the right clothes
Wear the right clothes
Let's face it, as locals, we are only familiar with two kind of weather. Hot and sunny or wet and rainy. When you are visiting overseas, especially during autumn and winter, you need to pack the right set of clothes. Don't be too gung-ho when it comes to winter season as some places might get extremely cold (below 0 degree) . That said, winter season temperature differs from different destination, so do check in advance to wear the right clothes.

Tip: Manage the art of layering. It will make you ready for weather changes while you are travelling.

8 Make alternative plans for your house
You are ready to go but there still things in the house you need to keep note of if you are away. Some examples are as follow
  • Get the delivery man to stop delivering newspaper
  • Have your neighbours water the plan
  • Have someone clear your mails
  • Don't leave your pets homes alone
  • Provide an alternate number for your house security alarm
The list is non exhaustive and your own circumstances may differ. So do make your own checklist on the house and make plans for it.

Tip: Get a travel insurance with home coverage to protect the contents of your house. Ace Travel insurance have that added feature in its policy.

9 Change some cash
Foreign Currency

Another to do list is to change cash for your trip. Using cash during a trip has its advantages over credit cards. First you do not be charge more for higher foreign currency conversion as well as the extra charges for overseas uses. Sometimes the difference could be as high as 3-5%!

Tip: Change sufficient cash to pay the larger amounts such as hotel rooms and tour packages to save more!

10 Update your credit card
Credit Cards
Last but not least, if you intend to use your credit cards, do not forget to activate the overseas usage. Some banks require you to authorised overseas transactions BEFORE you head for you holidays, so do not be caught out in a tight spot!

Tip: Call to set it overseas use today so you would forget about it!
When you are done with the above, you are all set to go. Have a great trip ahead!


  1. This is a useful and great list to avoid screw ups in travel. much appreciated. have a look at

  2. Nice list! You've covered almost all of the travel needs/requirements that one should remember prior to departure. Just want to add that it is also useful to pack few generic meds for headache, stomach ache, nausea, and if needed, bring along some of your prescribed meds in case of need.


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