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5 Must Do Activities in Singapore Zoo for kids

An impromptu visit to Singapore Zoo on election day lead to this post. It has been a while since we had been to Singapore Zoo that we did not realised that it had grown so big. To cover the zoo in one day and go through all the activities listed would be an impossible task for family with young kids.

To aid parents who are planning a trip to the zoo, we came up with a list of 5 must do activities in Singapore Zoo.

1 See the newest residents, Koalas
Meet Singapore Koalas!
Meet Chan, Idalia , Pellita and Paddle. They are the newest residents from down under. Housed in a new 210sq meters enclosure purposely build for them, they are the latest families to 'migrate' to the Australia Zone at Singapore Zoo.
Singapore Koalas
It is quite rare to catch them awake as Koalas sleeps for more than 20 hours a day and mostly wakes up at night. We were quite lucky to catch one of them awake during our trip.

Do you know that the local names for the Koalas are Cantik, Sayang, Manja and Nila?

Koalas @ Singapore Zoo

Can you tell them apart?

2 Watch the Elephant at Work and Play Show

Elephant at Work and play show
When you are at Singapore Zoo, do find time off to see one of the shows. There are 4 different shows currently. Splash Safari Show, Animal Friends Show, Rainforest fights back show and Elephant at Work and Play show.

Our favourite will be the Elephant Work and Play show. The smiling elephants looked like they enjoy themselves during the show. The audience loved it too!

Show times are at 1130am and 330 pm daily. Don't miss it!

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3 Feed the Animals
Feed the animals
Do you know you can feed the animals in the zoo?

We did not until we read about it at the Zoo website. Other than the normal feed by the zookeepers, there are selected timing where you can feed certain animals in the zoo.
During our trip, we manged to feed the Elephants and Giraffe. Do note that there is an additional $5 for a basket of food. There are other feeding sessions for White Rhinoceros, Goat and Hamadryas Baboon. We suggest you check the timings for these feed here.

4 Don't Miss the iconic animals in Singapore Zoo
White Tigers

Since Ah Meng passing, the Zoo is still searching for the iconic animal to represent Singapore Zoo. Granted that we had many new residents that had come aboard including the Koalas, we think the next animal that should inherit the crown should be the ever popular White Tigers.

There are two of them when we last saw them. We must have caught them in a good mood as both of them were quite active and even had a little fight.

Absolutely majestic.

We are a little bias though since we have 2 tigers in our own family.

However don't rule out the Orangutans yet.
Especially since the Zoo was practically synonymous with Ah Meng in the past. To prove their mettle, they even had a restaurant name Ah Meng restaurant in the zoo.

5 Spend a few hours at Kidzworld

Last but not least, if you are going to the zoo with kids, Kidzworld is a must stop destination on it's own, Bring your swimsuit and play at the outdoor wet playground.

If you are not prepared to get wet, there is a dry playground too. In addition, don't miss farm animals and rides such as Wild Animal Carousel, Pony Rides and Horse Carriage rides (extra Costs)

For local residents, getting to the Zoo is now a cheaper affair. Other than the annual membership pass, you can get up to 30% discount for online booking via Singapore issued credit cards from POSB , DBS, UOB, OCBC and AMEX. We reckon this is a great deal and a good excuse to head to the Zoo for more family fun!


  1. what's the attraction for the last pic? we'll be there this Sat for Lil Pumpkin's K2 graduation party wheee!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. It's a kidzworld , right behind where the dry playground is located :)


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