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RWS Trickeye Museum : New Art comes to Life !

Over the weekend, we made a trip down to RWS Trick Eye Museum. Having been there during the opening and having a ton of fun, we decided it is a good time to revisit, especially since they have need Artworks to tickle our fancy.

If you have not been to TrickEye Museum, do explore our guide for having a good time at TrickEye Museum

For those who have yet to visit the RWS TrickEye Museum, this upcoming holidays may be the perfect time to do so. We give you a glimpse of the new artworks that are featured in the Museum.

The Main Hall
TrickEye museum
The main hall have a feel interesting artworks that comprises of both wall art (3D) and 4D artwork.

The carriage is new and so is the wall art behind it.
The crowd favourite will no doubt be the Baby and the Cage , so don't miss it.!

Unveil the mystery
Unveil the mystery
Do a right turn and you will step into a small hall . There are 2 new interactive stations to explore. Have fun making faces at Andy Warhol inspired art wall or be a Dancing Santa on TV.

Re-ignite the excitement
Re- ignite the excitement
There are not much changes to this hall except the mountain. Be flexible on how you pose, sometimes you need to rotate the photo to see the real effect. When you got right, it looks amazing!
Fancy climbing an icy mountain or hand with thE Pandas? 

Let's climb
Overcome the Supernatural
Save us
This section has been completely revamp.
We love thE ghostly undertones. Halloween may be over, but this hall would be perfect for it.
Just don't go there after dark or you might just catch something floating in the air!
Trap in time
Immerse in romantic Fairytale
I will save you !
Not much changes in this section. The icy valley is a good addition to the existing artworks 

Escape into fantasy
I will hold you
Step into escape into fantasy and see the magical realms of fantasy come alive before your eyes!
She is trap!

Explore the trick world
Kung fu master
Another interactive station is found in this section. The boys love the Art Fighter, especially since they can mimicking their favourite Street Fighter moves. Definitely one for the kids! 

The best way to enjoy Trick Eye museum is to be wacky about it. Here are some tips to have a good time at RWS Trick Eye museum

1) Go on weekdays, it will not be too crowded
2) Strike a pose, any pose. Be as crazy as you like
3) Remember your 'angles' , look at the visuals for clues on how to pose.
4) Find the right camera angle
5) Bring a selfie stick
6) Move to other art pieces when it gets too crowded

Trick Eye Museum
 26 Sentosa Gateway, 098138

(Ages 13 to 59)
(Ages 4 to 12)
(Ages 60 and above)
Admission Ticket
The Wacky Duo were invited to review RWS Trickeye Museum.

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