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Food Recipe for Dads : Cheesy Bacon Egg muffin


First thing first.

I am not a cook. My mom is the cook in the family and she had refused to allow me into the kitchen since I was born. As a result, even frying an egg sound foreign to me. Many times I tried to step into the kitchen, only to be shoo away.

After 4 decades , I decided to step into my own kitchen. This time Mom was not in to stop me from creating a mess masterpiece.

The Ingriedents
After chancing upon this video , I had an urge to prepare breakfast for the family. Since that was the first time in the kitchen, I prayed I will not harm my family in any way.

The dish I am preparing is the Chessy Bacon Egg Muffin. You just need 3 main ingridents to prepare
  • Bacon
  • Bread
  • Cheddar Cheese ( or any other cheese)
This is a fairly well known dish. I am not the first to prepare it but that was the first time I am preparing a 'proper' dish for the family!
Preparing the bread
Step 1 : Preparing the bread
Use a cup to cut the bread to size to fit the muffin tray. Do pre-oil the tray to prevent the bread from sticking to it ( something I learn AFTER it was bake)
Step 2 : Place the bacon on the tray
Too simple step to elaborate

Step 3 : Dump the cheese in

As much as you like, the cheesier the better!

Step 4 : Crack and egg

Do try not to break the yoke.

Step 5 : Add some pepper
If you like spice, otherwise it is as good without especially for kids.

Step 6 : Place in oven and bake for 15 mins at 210 °C

Step 7 : Take it out of the oven

Er... ok I added this step so you can see how it looked with when cook

Step 8 : Eat it fast!

Eat it while it is hot and the egg yolk should ozze out when cut. After 10 minutes, the yoke will be harden.
Chessy Bacon Egg Muffin
Honestly , it was as simple as it looks. It was an easy meal to prepare, but it might just be the dish to motivate me to cook more for the family. As a bonus, the kids finished not one but two of them. I guess this meant they loved it. Sometimes life need not be complicated. A simple dish like this brings out satisfaction in the family. That is perhaps the true value of the dish.

Who knows this might be the start of a regular series on food recipes for novice kitchen Dads like me? 

Stay tune!


  1. I was inspired by you to make it too!! I loved the idiot proof instructions! Gives more assurance that I am not doing it wrong. Turned out great!! Though my cheese didnt melt.. but still yummy and so simple. Can't wait for your next post!!! By the way..

    1. Glad you like the post :)
      Will be looking out for easy to make dish to make. Watch this space!

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