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10 Ways Dads can show their love for children

Let's face it. Dads are not known to freely show their love to their children.

Whenever one thinks about Dads and their involvement in the family, the stereotypes would always come into mind. Dads would be the stern one in the family and seen as the ' hands off ' partner when compared to Moms.

When it comes to showing love to their children, Dads are thought to have a limited range of emotions. Dads are more known as Doers rather than Talkers. To see a grown man sweet talking to his kids is a rarity in society.Yet there is more than meet the eyes. In truth , Dads love their children as much as their Moms counterpart. They only express it differently.

Here are 10 ways how Dads can show their love for their children.

1 Unconditional Love
True Love is unconditional. When you love someone, you do not expect anything back. Love with all your heart. Love without conditions. Love as if tomorrow is the last. The children will know that you have their interest at heart.

2 Responsible Love
Dads love to share their 'worldly' experiences with their kids. Don't be surprise if your Dad tells you a story from his past. There is always a lesson to be learn at the end of the tale. One that teaches the kids the 'ins and outs' of life. It may not always be direct, but it is one way of Dad being responsible by sharing his own experiences. This is shared with the hope that his children would not fall into the same pit-holes for sad tales or to take a similar path for happy tales.

3 Love the Mother of his children
Loving the Mother of the children has two important benefits. First it keeps the harmony in the house. Secondly, as a Dad to sons, you teach them how to treat their future girlfriends / wives respectably. As a Dad to daughters, you would show them what boyfriend / husband they should choose.
If the reverse happens, and Mommy gets treated badly, the sons may think it is normal do the same in the future, while it may make the daughters wary of men in general.

4 Unwavering Love
Unwavering Love means to show support when support is most needed. Do not put your children down if their school results are bad. Do not criticize them for their choice of studies. Do not tell them 'I told you so' when they have bad relationships. Instead, stand beside them in these times and tell them it is ok. Encourage and work with them to improve instead of simply chiding them.
Whatever happens, Dad will be there to hold the children up. That is Unwavering Love.

5 Tough Love
Sometimes love needs to be tough. When children err, as a Dad, you need to correct. If left to their own devices without proper guidance or discipline, a child may stray. Dad's voice speaks volume in the family. How many times you have seen kids stop bickering when Dad raise his stereo surround voice?

Tough Love is necessary even if it gets messy at times.

6 Vulnerable Love
Do not be the Dad who always wear a stern mask in front of the kids. Dad needs to show his softer side to kids as well. Tears may flow when one is sad and feelings of helplessness may occur when one faces a dead end. Show these tender sides to your child. Make him understand that Super Dad does have his Kryptonite. You may be surprise to learn that your child will be there to support you. They will also learn that life is not always a bed of roses but one that has occasional thorns too.
Show them they can be hurt too in life. More importantly, show them that you can grow stronger after the episode and not let it affect your zest for life.

7 Little gifts of Love
Sometimes ... just sometimes... Dad has a little cheat-sheet. It is call buying toys for the little ones, especially if you are buying it as a surprise reward. Do note, do not use this method often as it will render it ineffective over the long run. The gift at the most unexpected moment tells the child that he/she is special. On the contrary, giving a gift every time they ask for it would only make you look like an Automated Teller Machine.

8 Be there to Love
Dad's presence in the family is more important than all the presents combine. There is no point to slog so hard at work and only to see your child when they are tuck into bed at night. Interaction time between Dad and children is important to keep the bond strong. Sacrifice your EPL and even gym time when it comes to play time with the children. The time you spend with them today will be the memories they remember for life.

9 Protective Love
Ask any Dads out there. What would you do to protect your child?
It would not be unreasonable to have the answer... Everything!
Have you ever asked yourself what will happen when you are no longer there to protect them? What will happen to the child when you depart?

Instead of uncertainty, take up insurance plans to protect their interest so you can cherish the present with them.

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10 Saying I love you
Last but not least... Do remember to say 'I Love You' to your child. Best to say this everyday if you ask me. It does not cost a single cent but it is priceless in your child's eyes.

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