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Pororo Park @ Marina Square

There is a new indoor theme park in town.
Pororo Park opens its doors at Marina Square in November.

Who is Pororo?
Hello Pororo
In case you do not know who Pororo is, he is the lovable Little penguin from the popular South Korea animated cartoon series. This is the first time Pororo make his appearance in South East Asia, so fans of Pororo will definitely look forward to the opening.

Admission card - Don't lose it!

Given that we are *ahem* connoisseurs of Indoor Playground, we had to give it a spin when the invitation came to review it. Having been to many playgrounds around Singapore, how does Pororo Park stacks up?

Housed in Marina Square and spanning over 11,000 square feet, Pororo park is billed as an edutainment playground that integrates a theme park, indoor playground attractions, educational classes and entertaining shows under one roof. It's targeted audience - Kids from age 1 to 9.

On first glance, the place looks much smaller than it is touted. To call it a theme park will be quite a stretch. A more suitable term will be a large indoor playground with different stations for different age group.

Shark Ball Pool
Shark Ball Pool

The first thing that would probably catch the child's eyes when they enter is the Shark Ball Pool. It is rather large pool that kids can play in. However there are limited activities you can do. Other than sinking yourself in the pool of blue and white balls, the only other activity is to stuff the Shark's mouth with balls. After 5 minutes of doing that , it may be time to move on to other activities.

Pororo House
Pororo House

You would need not go far to find Pororo House situated next to the Shark Pool.

Visit the house within to see kid size furniture or have a little dance under the disco light. You can also snap a picture with Pororo  outside the house.

Pody's Jungle Gym
Pody's Jungle Gym
The one place that attracts the most kids would be Pody's Jungle Gym. Given that this was suppose to be a theme park, the smallish 2 story gym dwarfs alongside indoor playgrounds of similar or smaller size. This would be the spot that the older kids would appreciate in the playground.

The Pororo Express
Pororo Express
This indoor train ride would be one that would be a first in indoor playgrounds.  That probably explains it's popularity.

Trains do not ran all the time , so check the train schedule for the timing of the rides.
Train Schedule

Tong Tong's Little Theater
Tong Tong Theater

Another Pororo special will be the Tong Tong Theater. Pororo and his friends entertains with song and dance routines. Pre school kids would find this charming while older kids might be a tad puzzle by it.

Toddler's area

For toddler's there are also specific play areas for them.

You will find Pororo theme toys for the little ones to play. The well padded areas are quite comparable to similar indoor playgrounds.

Eddy and Petty Rooms
Free & Easy colouring class
There is also a room if you intend to book for birthday parties. There is a standard package for 15 kids that allows the use of the room for 2 hours with guest appearance by Pororo. For full package details, do visit their website.

Loopy's Cafe

If you are hungry, there is Loopy cafeto get your chow. Other than Pororo theme drinks, they pretty much serve normal food.


There is a decent size shoe rack for your shoes. Toilets and nursing room can also be found on site.

Stroller parking is large enough to house at least 20 strollers there.

Rody's Toy Store

If you can't get enough of Pororo, visit the Rody's Toy store to get one to bring home. Shop is found outside the Theme park, so you can shop without paying for admission.


For a 'theme park', Pororo park is surprisingly underwhelming. As an indoor playground, it falls short in comparison with other Indoor playgrounds around the island. There are pockets of fun, but the attention span at each station is rather limtied.

In our opinion, Pororo Park is best suited for fans of Pororo and for preschool kids. In terms of pricing, it is a little steep in comparison with other playgrounds. A visit for a family of 4 ( kids age 2-12) will set you back by  $115 for 2 hours (as of Dec 2015) This is double the price of similar size playgrounds in the vicinity. Repeated visits would be hard to justify at this price.

The Little Details
Pororo Park Singapore
6 Marina Boulevard
Marina Square #02-29
Singapore 039594

The Wacky Duo was invited to review the playground.

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