Dahlia Dreams Floral Display @ Flower Dome : Year of the Monkey

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. That means there is a new Floral display at Flower Dome. This year the theme is Dahlia Dreams Floral Display, where the Dahlias from Mexico will co-mingle with Chinese tradition to bring you a whole new Chinese New Year flavour at the Flower Dome.
Freezing Cold
Stepping into the Flower Dome, you will be greeted by a display of Dahlia and monkeys as a back drop. Bewarned, we were there on a bright sunny day and it is freezing cold!

Step close and as your eye wonder on the flower bed, you would realised that there is a distinct lack of red in the gardens. Rather, the main flower bed is transformed into a valley of green that is homeland to Monkeys. Quite appropriate , given that we are in the year of the Monkey.

Here are 6 highlights of Dahlia Dreams Floral Display @ Flower Dome


Dahlia takes center stage this year. The plants native to Mexico makes its appearance in the Flower Dome. They are found in various colours of red around the Flower Dome.

Take a photo with your favourite dahlia and tell Garden By the Bay why you choose it. Follow them on Instagram , upload your photo and #gardensbythe bay #dahliadreams to stand a chance to win an exclusive Gardens By the Bay 2016 calenders and red packets. (Contest Close 14 Feb)

Chinese New Year decorations

The Flower Dome floral display may not be as red as last year's edition, but there are still elements of Chinese New Year found around the Flower Dome.

There are even plants that are recognised as symbols associated with Chinese New Year.

Chinese Horoscope Signs

One of the fun thing to do is to look around for your own Horoscope around the main Flower Bed and snap a picture of it.

We found a Pig...

and a Tiger.

Try to find your own horoscope for the exclusive picture.


Monkeys in all shapes and sizes makes the Flower Dome home

Our favourite would be the majestic wooden monkeys.

The green monkeys came in a close second.

Although I think kids would probably fancy the plush monkeys hanging on the tree!

The Cave

Right in the middle of the Flower Bed is a walk through cave. Looking out at the opening and you probably would think you are transported to some mystical icy forest.

Really... don't believe ?

Try yourself lah!

The Golden Tale

For a touch of good fortune, do remember to take a photo with the giant golden tale.

The Dahlia Dreams
15 Jan -28 Feb
Flower Dome
Admission Charges applies


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