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MOSH! @ Sentosa Palawan Kidz City Review

Welcome to Singapore first immersive media digital edutainment center. Featuring state of the art technology from Japan , MOSH! promises a whole new brand of indoor entertainment that would create an interactive and immersive experience for the little ones and the young at heart.

Behind the black curtain that marks the entrance, there is a whole new world to be discovered. There is a total of 4 large screens and a round table that will challenge your imagination. At first, the boys were expecting slides and obstacle course in this new playground. Little did they know it will be the brain that will do all the 'hard work' for this sensory experience.

From land to air to sea to space and even fantasy, it is a whole new digital playground waiting to be explored.

Land : Hide and Seek
Hide and Seek
Let's play hide and seek.

You do not need a huge space to do that. Just place you hands on the hide and seek table and remove it after a few seconds . New digital pals will magically emerge and will start to play a game of hide and seek with you.

Aim at entertaining  little kids, this station is best for pre school children.

Air : Paper Plane Adventure

Fly to the air with the paper plane adventure in 3 simple steps.

First, make your own paper plane

Next throw it towards the wall

Once the plane hits the wall, it will magically transform to a digital plane flying through the different landscape that is projected on the screen. From folding the planes to seeing your creation coming to live on the wall, it is quite an interactive experience for the boys.

Anyone can be a pilot,  do remember to wear your pilot cap to complete the experience.

Sea : Doodle Aquarium

This station is probably the favourite for us.

Each of us are given a special card to draw our own fish. This personalised creation will magically appear on the wall aquarium when complete.

Being Wackies, we decided that fish is a little passe .

We decided that Spidey and Jelly would be taking their place instead.

Once done, we placed our creations on the scanning bed and Voila!
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Our personalised creations appear on the screen. the sight is made even more amazing when the boys saw Spidey and Jelly swimming around the doodle aquairum.

To tell the truth, even this Daddy was squealing in delight ... quietly of course. There is always a sens of pride to see your children creation on the big screen, even though it is only showing in MOSH!

Space : Firework Party
Fire works party at MOSH!
Free from the constraint of earth, we headed to space to create our own fireworks. Jump, run, throw your hand around the air and fireworks will synchronise with your actions on the wall.

Fantasy : World of Wonder

The last station challenges your imagination and creativity.

First choose your favourite MOSH! COT character

Design according to your fancy

This is probably one of the best colouring exercise the boys did. After all there are no rules to what you can create. Only your imagination limits the choices you have.

As for me, the instinct was to make Moo dress up as Deadpool.
Deadpool Moo
Once done, scan your creation.

Thereafter watch it come alive on the screen.

This is pretty similar to the doodle aquaurium except that you get to creat your own personalised Moo.

Overall the boys enjoyed their time at MOSH! It is a different kind of interactive play that they are usually accustomed to . Given that they are the 'iPad Generation' , this digital engagement is right down their alley.

Admission Fee

Admission fee is at $28 for adult and $22 for child. Family bundles are avaliable for a lower fee. Given that MOSH! is housed at Palawan Kidz center, the target market will be the kids. There is no doubt that the kids would enjoy the facilities while adults may feel a little short change. 

Getting to MOSH!

If you google gor Palawan Kidz City, you might have limited information on getting to MOSH!

Getting there is pretty easy. From the Beach Station , it is a 5 minutes walk to Palawan Kidz City.

1)Walk through the tram station and coach park to the end of the bay.

2) Take the Escalator up and follow the bridge towards Palawan Kidz Center.

3) Soon you will see the buidling featuring Kidzania logo. Head towards the buidling

4) When you are in the building, take the escalator up to the 3rd floor and you will be at the entrance of MOSH!
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31 Beach View #03-01
Palawan Kidz City
Singapore 098008
Telephone: +65 6238 8296

The Wacky Duo were invited to review MOSH!

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